5 Untapped Youtube SEO Tips To Rank Your Videos On Search Results

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Everyone who owns a website knows the importance of SEO and to rank their site on the search results. Similar to the search engine, video optimization on YouTube is also essential to increase your brand popularity. As YouTube remains the second largest search engine, it becomes essential to stand out from your video from competitions. Like Google, YouTube also has an algorithm that decides your video ranking. 

Interestingly, YouTube is a great source to generate enormous traffic with five billion videos streaming per day. How to stay ahead of this huge competition? This is the right place where SEO enters! Investing your SEO effort optimizes your YouTube video and gives a hand for the rise in your video ranking. 

What Is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is the process of optimizing your videos on YouTube to rank higher on the search results. But how to make it possible? Provide an eye-catching video description with keyword-rich titles and perfect captions. With these perfections, you will get opportunities to increase the visibility of your video and boost your rankings.  

How Does YouTube SEO Work?

YouTube SEO works the same as website SEO. The YouTube algorithm determines the content behavior and increases the video engagement. The algorithm works according to the relevancy, engagement rate, and many subscribers. 

As Google owns YouTube, your videos will get indexed on the search engine result pages too. Generally, the search engine bot crawls your website content, but the YouTube algorithm optimizes your video based on the titles, descriptions, tags, and captions, thus improving your video rank.

5 Unbelievable Secrets Of YouTube SEO

The ranking factors of YouTube videos include likes, comments, shares, subscribers, and watch time of each video. YouTube determines your content health based on the right SEO practices. 

Are you ready to know the secrets of YouTube SEO? This article provides you with the five best secrets to promote your video.

1. Perform Keyword Research

Keyword research for your YouTube channel is the first step to improving your YouTube SEO. If you want to rank your video for the popular keywords, you have to identify and use those keywords in your video content.

But how do you find those keywords? Here is the solution!

  • YouTube Search Suggestions – Get the right keyword by paying attention to the YouTube search suggestions. Type your main keyword on the search box, where you will get the list of suggestions. Another way is to use keyword research tools like Ahrefs to find the word with exact search volume.

  • Keyword Difficulty – One important factor to be considered while doing keyword research is keyword difficulty. Find the KD by typing “site:youtube.com your keyword” to find the right keyword.

  • Competitor Analysis – Performing competitor analysis is the key to outranking your videos. Getting your competitor keyword gives a better idea to rank your YouTube channel. Note the competitor keywords used on title, description, and tags for better keyword strategy.

2. Optimize Your Content

After finding the keyword fit for video optimization, concentrate on sprinkling your title, tags, and description. Including your keywords in your content improves your video rank but all keywords have to be in a natural flow. The following steps optimize your channel:

  • Optimize Your Title: Create a short and interesting title that should not be so long because 70% of audiences use mobile devices to watch YouTube videos. Form a title around 60 characters with your main keyword to increase your channel visibility.

  • Great Description: Most YouTubers forget to optimize their description. But it is important to make an informative description with the relevant keyword to stay with audiences on your video. Include at least 250 characters with focus keywords.

  • Top-Notch Content: Generally, content is the king of your channel. Preparing top-notch content ranks your videos higher, thus improving your SEO efforts.

So create long and attractive videos by adding valuable descriptions to stand ahead from competitions.

3. Promote Videos With Off-Page YouTube SEO

With the right keyword and perfect title, you need to work to increase your channel popularity. Optimize your video to Increase ranking with PBN SEO efforts and gain enormous growth in your business. Make your video famous by promoting it on various social media channels. 

How to redirect your target users towards your YouTube channel?

  • Create a teaser video and share it on all the social media platforms with your YouTube video link.
  • Insert your YouTube video link on your website’s blog posts.
  • Promote your video on popular discussion websites like Quora or Reddit.

4. Drive Higher Engagement

Great content drives higher engagement for your YouTube video. If your videos look like a normal one, your audiences will not show interest in watching your video, and you will be left behind. To overcome this situation, creating well-optimized, informative content with eye-catching visuals attracts new audiences to visit your YouTube channel.

Increase engagement rate by gaining likes, comments, shares, and subscribers probably improve your YouTube rank. The following are some actionable tips to increase your video engagement.

  • Provide the right call-to-action link at the end of your video.
  • Use a video editing tool to make a better YouTube video.
  • Encourage your audiences to like and share your video, thus improving your popularity.
  • Appreciate people who leave comments under your video to create a good relationship.

5. Polish Your YouTube Channel

The channel appearance plays a vital role in YouTube SEO. If your audience finds you on another platform, they should be in a position to identify your brand. Provide all information necessary to find your brand in your channel.

  • Write Channel Description – Good content in your channel description helps your audiences as well as the YouTube algorithm to recognize the type of content you post. Never forget to insert your primary keyword on your channel description. You can either provide the info in a para or bullet points. Also, you have an option to include a website link that improves traffic.

  • Playlists – There is a playlist section that helps to improve your views on the succeeding video. You can save the well-performing video on your playlists that streams one after another and keeps your audiences without leaving your channel. Also, playlists help audiences to navigate your channel easily.

Final Thoughts

Getting your videos ranked on YouTube searches remains essential than creating video content. All you need is to achieve a higher ranking with the right YouTube SEO efforts. After providing the perfect YouTube SEO strategies, never leave your concentration on creating great content. Your YouTube channel becomes popular by preparing engaging content with good SEO efforts.

Therefore beat your competition with the above YouTube SEO tips and make your channel popular with top-notch content. Stream on the top of YouTube searches and attain higher growth in your business.

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