The 6 Best Network-Centralizing Social Media Tools

Keeping track of everyone’s sites and profiles may be difficult and time-consuming.

Several social networking solutions exist to assist alleviate some of the burden. If you want to access and manage all your social networks in one spot, go no further than these top 6 social media tools.


Apps like Hootsuite make it easier to manage your Twitter feed.HootSuite is a great tool for managing many social media accounts.

HootSuite’s interface allows you to manage practically any social network out there. This includes all of your accounts, not just WordPress.


For social media teams, agencies, freelancers, and marketing groups, Planable is a social media collaboration tool.

Planable allows users to preview material before it is published, share and discuss it, acquire approvals with a single click, and schedule posts in a calendar view across all social media platforms.

You may now have the following in Planable:

All of your social media stuff in one location, beautifully arranged, with plenty of eye-catching visuals

See how the final product will appear before it’s published to avoid any confusion.

Discussion and revision in real time

Approvals are as easy as clicking a button.

Post at predetermined times to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles

See the calendar

Grow Your Social Network With Sprout

Another service that will prove useful to your company is Sprout Social.

The intuitive interface allows you to easily manage and keep tabs on your various social media networks and pages. Sprout Social acts as a brand and business watchdog on your behalf. It’s a great tool for keeping tabs on the competition and seeing instantly when your name comes up in conversation.

Sprout Social keeps an eye on your stats, then breaks them down so you can gauge the success of your marketing campaigns. Up to 10 profiles can be used with the pro plan, which costs $9 per month. Additional profiles and functionality are included in the higher priced ($39 and above) programmes.


tools for twitter bufferingBy providing a more efficient method of scheduling the excellent material you come across, Buffer simplifies your life. If you load up your Buffer at once, the app will post your updates for you at intervals throughout the day.

You may spend as little as thirty minutes every week pre-scheduling your posts and then use the remaining time to interact with your followers.

In addition to Twitter, Buffer also supports Facebook, LinkedIn, and more accounts.

If you want to maintain a steady social media presence 24/7/365, all you have to do is keep your Buffer full. Gain access to more in-depth data than what’s available when posting straight to social media. The capabilities of Buffer include:

You can have a Facebook profile, page, or group (but you’ll need admin privileges to manage groups).

  • Profile on Twitter
  • LinkedIn Company Page & Individual Profile
  • Accounts on Pinterest


The social media tools and services available on SocialOomph are extensive.

It can automate and monitor your social media account like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. SocialOomph’s flexibility means that you may tailor it to meet your specific needs.