Instagram Marketing: A Complete Guide To Creating Highlight Reels

Instagram has established itself as an essential part of influencer and brand marketing over the past several years.

Brands and individuals may connect with their audience on a more intimate level using tools like Stories, IGTV, and Posts.

The explosive popularity of TikTok’s reels feature, however, prompted Instagram to adopt a similar format, resulting in the hybrid Instagram Reels.

This piece delves into the process of creating Instagram brand Reels. We also go through the fundamentals of what makes Reels such a great Instagram feature.

Instagram reels: what are they?

Instagram Reels are a type of video that functions similarly to TikTok videos.

In 2019, the Instagram team (now operating under parent company Meta) began developing Reels in Brazil. Instagram insists that the Reels feature is a one-of-a-kind endeavor, despite the fact that some industry experts believe it was created as a response to TikTok’s success.

Over 37% of Instagram users, per Target Market, are Reels users. This research also reveals that the demographics of the audience consist of over 30% of those aged 18-24.

How long may Instagram videos last?

Instagram only allowed Reels to be 15 seconds long at first, but later increased that to 30 seconds. Videos in your reels are limited to 60 seconds at the moment.

If your company is looking to grow its following with the help of interesting material, Reels is the appropriate content format for you because it won’t expire after 24 hours, unlike Stories.

Instagram Reels’ 8 Best Attributes

When compared to ordinary IGTV videos and Stories, Reels provide you access to more editing options within the Instagram app.

The following options are available for your usage with Reels:

  • Audio – Add your own music or sound effects to your videos. To avoid copyright infringement strikes, however, you should only use copyright-free background music from Instagram’s audio library.
  • Reels that convert text into speech allow you to have the caption text read aloud by the Reels AI.
  • Add a touch of originality to your videos with the help of the augmented reality (AR) effects tool. These augmented reality technologies are frequently used by brand influencers to spruce up their video content.
  • Videos that can be stitched together into a single 60-second clip using the Reels editor. With this function, users may break down lengthy explanations into manageable bits.
  • With the help of Timers, you can set the length of time for your Reels videos.
  • A better tale may be told with the help of seamless transitions between stitchable takes. A choppy, unattractive video is the result of not doing this.
  • Adjustable Video Pacing – Playback may be sped up or slowed down to suit your needs. (0.3x, 0.5x, 1x default, 2x, 3x, or 4x). By varying the pace, you can get more information over in less time and show off your editing chops.
  • Instagram lets you modify your photos and videos by applying various filters and stickers. The freehand tool also allows for the creation of unique forms.

Disclaimer: At the time of publication, Reels may only be made and uploaded from mobile devices.

Reels on Instagram: How to Share Them?

Once you’re satisfied with your video’s editing, click “Publish” to access further editing tools including captions, markers, and tags. Posting your video on your feed as a Reel is another option.

The Reel will be deleted within 24 hours if you don’t post it to your feed. The URL may be sent as a message as well.


Instagram Reels are a great way to reach and interact with a wider audience on Instagram. Make your Reel stand out and spread like wildfire by taking advantage of all the capabilities it offers. And most crucially, collect interaction statistics to learn the best methods for making and sharing engaging Reels that convert.