Privacy Policy

 Privacy Policy

The personal information of every individual is very important for us. So here I will tell you in-depth what kind of information we retrieve and how we protect it when you accept the privacy policy of

What exactly we collect from the data 

We generate a log file of the user who is visiting our website and this log file contains the following parameters such as I.P address of the user, browser, location and Internet service provider (isp).

What about your Cookies?

Actually, cookies are used to store information of the user and to improvise user experience and to reduce loading time for the user since all the credentials will be stored beforehand in the cookies.

For more details visit DoubleClick DART Cookie


Yes we do advertise on our web and our advertisers may use cookies for showing most relevant ads on the web so as to enhance the user experience.

Our advertising partner is Google Adsense

Google uses cookies of the users and shows relevant ads and it varies from time to time it may show ads based on the historical browsing data of the user or ads as per users wish and what exactly he/she looking for.