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Pennsylvania Lottery formerly recognized as Pa-Lottery. this Lottery system is operated by the Commonwealth of the people of Pennsylvania created by Pennsylvania General assembly in the year 1971 and just after two months of the formation of this committee, Mr Henry Kaplan was appointed as the Chief  Executive Director of the committee.

The parent agency of Pa-Lottery is Pennsylvania Department of Revenue this is the most renowned institute based in the States of America.

Games Jackpot value
Cash 5
Match 6$830,000
Pick 2$50
Pick 3$500
Pick 4$5000
Pick 5$25000
Treasure Hunt$1,000
Mega Million$155581
Power ball$80,000,000

PA-Lottery | Pennsylvania Lottery Results| Mega Millions Winners 

The results have always fascinated the people of Pennsylvania and the States of America there is huge investment made in the Lottery of Pennsylvania by the residents here. The average age group investing in the Lottery is ranging from 18-27 that is the young generation of the Pennsylvania are quite dynamic and of risk taking nature since the Employment rate and the education rate is quite Fantastic in the city.

The results are announced on the official website of the Pennsylvania Lottery everyday.

The Mega Million Lottery game is the most popular game in the state and is played widely.

Lucky souls of Pa-Lottery

Pennsylvania is blessed with young generations and the dynamic youth of the era. the average age of the people doing investments in a lottery are of 19-27 since the legal age of playing Lottery is 18 years of age.

The young and the dynamic nature of the people based in Pennsylvania make a huge revenue in the Pa-Lottery revenue. the results are announced based on the regular intervals. the results are announced on the official website of the pa-lottery .

This is the names of the lucky Winners you can find more and stay updated

Steven S$50,000
Robert F$1 Million
Kaleb C $100,000
krystal j$500
thomas M$10000


The probability of winning the Game

Total participants =123,456,799

Total winner =01

The probability of winning =01/123,456,799  which again comes out to be quite negligible but yeah take chance, take the risk, Dare to dream, you never know what life has for well and give me an opportunity to write about you on the same forum.

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