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All about Missouri Lottery –

like other lotteries in united states, Missouri Lottery also started in the year 1986. the year 1986 can be called as the year of Lotteries in the united states of America since lots of Renaissance was made in the lotteries sector.

Missouri Lottery gains the popularity in the very 1st month of the launch of Missouri lottery.

the results were announced and the fortunate Johnnie Magerl won $2.1 million as the 1st prize of Missouri Lottery. this happened just after one month of the launching of Missouri Lottery that is the month of Jan-1986 in Kansas City MO.

The Jackpot prize starts at $1million and it continues until someone like you hit the six-digit jackpot number. due to this, the highest prize won went up to $7.5million to date.

The probability of Winning the lottery in Missouri




I don’t want to disappoint you showing this numbers and figures but yeah its the reality of the life and it’s never bad in taking a chance if everyone will start thinking this way my god nobody will ever play the lottery again.

So have faith in fortune just give it a chance and as I always say never get addicted to it this is just the game of fortune a game of numbers a probability of mathematics and nothing else.

“if it’s meant to yours it will definitely come to you one day” just have patience and hustle hard.


  • MISSOURI Lotto- every Wednesday and Saturday
  • Pick 3–  announced twice a day (MIDDAY and EVENING)
  • Pick 4- announced twice a day(MIDDAY and EVENING)
  • Pick5-announced twice a day(MIDDAY and EVENING) 


chris shaw
chris shaw

POWERBALL WINNER CHRIS SHAW WON $258 MILLION OVERNIGHT and have seen the twist of the fortune .before winning the Powerball lottery Chris shaw just had $29 left with him and his new job was about to begin incoming 3 weeks.yeah during this time he just had faith in the almighty and the fortune he brought the ticket and luckily he got selected and now owns $258 million dollars.

There is lots of magic in the air of Missouri its always Sunny there but you can say that Missouri is the land of Fortunate Souls. the way Missouri has Advertise there Lottery tickets to improvise their sales makes them stand apart.

Missouri hasn’t used any Celebrity or the Cricket or Football Stars to advertise their Lotteries in spite they have created a Mythical city called the “Luckytown”.

And used the Slogan “Your Ticket to Luckytown” and seeing something interesting and something attractive most of the people went there in Luckytown just to test their luck and give it a try to see there Zodiac fortunes.

At the very entrance of the Lucky town, there was a Slogan written “Everywhere and nowhere Lottery can take you anywhere”.

Looking at such a wonderful model and giving the customer a chance to see the future after winning a lottery at a glance enhanced their minds. so we can say that this is the best example of Advertising and Marketing Strategy which is the need of current era.





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