Mega Million

Mega Million | Mega Million Jackpot

Mega Million-Mega Million Jackpot

Let me give you a brief introduction to Mega Million game or so-called Mega Million Jackpot.

Mega Million was introduced to the world in the year 1996 and become popular overnight. The first Drawing of the Mega Million was made on that time 6 countries took part in Mega Million namely

  • Georgia.
  • Illinois.
  • Maryland.
  • Massachusetts.
  • Michigan.
  • Virginia. etc this countries showed interest in the Mega Million Game which gains popularity in this too.

How to play Mega Million

If you have $2 in your pocket then do give it a try and do experience it. yes, the ticket is as low as $2

you can start playing the game with less price if you win it is your fortune who has favoured we can say that.

Steps to play Mega Million

  • Pick 6 numbers among two separate pools of numbers.
  • Pick 5 unique number ranging from 1-70 range.
  • Pick 1 unique number from a 1-25 range.
  • you can even select autofill option and move ahead and take a chance to test your randomly generated number.


The min award which is received by the winner is $40 Million and it grows like $5 per Draw.

How money is received by the winner of Mega Million

The Winner has his day and it’s even his/her choice how to withdraw the money

  • The money can be directly withdrawn from the bank  OR
  • The money can be withdrawn in instalments and getting interest on that.

The probability of Winning Mega Million

Match A  Match Bprizes chances
*variation as per states
1 in 302,575,258
5+0$10000001 in12,607,312
4+1$100001 in 931,001
4+0$10001 in 38000
3+1$1001 in 14000
3+0$151 in 7000
2+1$101 in 600
1+1$41 in 99
0+1$21 in 35



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