Six Instagram Strategies for 2023

In the decade plus since its inception, Instagram’s popularity has skyrocketed. One billion users and counting is only one indicator of the app’s rapid expansion, which is also reflected in the nearly monthly rollout of new features.

Instagram was first marketed as a photo-sharing service. Now more than ever before, it’s possible to broadcast yourself live, shop in real time, experiment with augmented reality capabilities, and much more.

1. Use Instagram’s Highlight Reels

One of Instagram’s newest features, Reels, lets users create and share collections of 15- to 30-second movies. You could be right in thinking of it as a less popular TikTok clone. Instagram, though, stands out because of how well it has adapted to the evolving app landscape.

Do you remember how Instagram Stories were criticised for trying to imitate Snapchat? It now has more than 500 million DAUs, which is almost twice as many as Snapchat. If you think Instagram Reels can’t compete with TikTok, reevaluate your position.

To better compete with TikTok, Instagram has pushed Reels to the forefront of the app, increasing the likelihood that early adopters may be found by those who are adept at “hacking” Instagram increase more views. Instagram has launched a dedicated hashtag page for Reels users, giving them the chance to gain more exposure by dominating trending topics.

2. Implement Instagram’s Shopping Features

Instagram used to be nothing more than a place for companies to advertise their wares. Instagram Shopping allows you to transform your profile into an online shop, allowing users to purchase without leaving the app.

The Honest Company (@honest) uses the Tag Products function in Instagram Shopping to provide product recommendations. Interested followers need only tap the image to learn more about the product, and then click the description to be sent to the landing page.

3. With the addition of Product Tags, Instagram Ads are more likely to draw in potential buyers.

Instagram lets you to set up a separate page where you may sell your wares, complete with product categories (called Collections) and descriptions. The storefront may either link customers to your website where they can finish their purchases, or it can allow them to make their purchases within the Instagram app using the Instagram Checkout feature.

Users can now browse new brands, product collections, and other shoppable content hand-picked by Instagram editors under a dedicated Discover tab for Instagram Shopping, which sits alongside Reels on the main feed.

4. Get your audience to experience FOMO by using Instagram Live.

Customers nowadays have high standards, and they want more than simply quality from the brands and companies they support. Consumers are 2.4 times more inclined to trust material published by users than content created by brands. To set yourself apart from the competition, you’ll need to provide a higher degree of value to your followers. You need to give your brand a personality and speak in a way that reflects the values of your target audience. The top hosting service? Twitter in real time.

5. Create a Tutorial

Instagram Guides quietly debuted in May 2020, but it’s an important addition to the app. Like a blog, you can organise your Guides entries into categories to help readers quickly locate the information they need.

Because Instagram doesn’t have a search bar, using the Guides feature can help your followers more easily find content they’re interested in. It also motivates your audience to go back and read some of your previous posts, which can rekindle interest and bring new perspectives to the table.

6. Evaluate your current approach to posting

You are likely already aware that the Instagram algorithm does not ensure that your followers will see your post in their feeds. Only followers and regular profile visitors will see your updates. If you’re unable to provide high-quality postings every day, try reducing the frequency of your updates.

Ask yourself, “Does this bring value to my audience?” before you hit “publish.” A lack of interest in a poorly written content implies less people will read it and that your time and energy were lost.

Conclusions Regarding Instagram Tricks

Although there are many useful Instagram apps to pick from, there is no definitive playbook or blueprint to assist you reach your goals on Instagram or any other social media network. The only way to know what will work for your brand is to try different things and see what sticks.

Try out a variety of Instagram-inspired tips and tricks and content types and evaluate the outcomes. In order to find out what works best for you, you need to try everything.

If you want to track the success of your Instagram postings, you’ll need a business account. Reached an impasse? Inquire of your devotees as to their needs. Use the poll and question stickers in Instagram Stories to conduct insightful research.