Ideas For Entertaining And Captivating Instagram Stories In 2023

Do you have trouble generating Instagram content? The best ways to keep your Instagram followers interested and amused are discussed here.

2023’s Top Instagram Stories

Ideas for Interesting Instagram Stories that Draw in More Views

Make a vote.

Including a survey in your Story is a fun way to interact with your readers and find out more about what they think.

The beauty of a survey is that it can be on any topic. Let’s pretend you run a home décor business and want to know more about your target market’s tastes in interior design, priorities when making purchases, and preferred design trends.

You can follow up with more detailed questions about their time with your brand’s wares on a different day. This is a fantastic concept for a Story because of how open-ended it is.

Polls are a great method to gauge interest in a topic and find out what your audience wants to read about. Imagine that the home décor brand’s social media manager learns that its target demographic is ill-equipped to make decisions about, say, carpeting sizing. A feed update or blog entry could be made out of that.

Facilitate a Q&A.

A Q&A is a great way to help your audience feel more connected to your team, business, and offerings.

Responding to queries from your followers on your Story has several advantages.

  • You can have a conversation with your target group in a short amount of time with minimal work.
  • You and your audience will both learn where you differ in terms of knowledge.
  • Create a “Frequently Asked Questions” highlight for your Instagram biography based on the queries you receive. This also applies to your website in a broader sense.
  • Create a handle and tell your customers to use it whenever they post about your brand online.
  • Find mentions of your company that weren’t tagged by searching for pertinent hashtags.

Highlight your clientele.

By shining a light on your patrons, you can simultaneously strengthen your bonds with them and draw in new ones.

You can use social evidence by sharing feedback from satisfied clients. As a result, you’ll gain trustworthiness and a business endorsement.

Put your audience to the test.

It was a great method to meet new people and discover interesting facts about myself.

You can do the same thing with your audience and, potentially, learn some fascinating details by using Instagram surveys.

Share work created by your audience.

Reposting user-generated content is the quickest method to overcome a lack of story concepts.

Give stuff free!

Hosting a contest is a fantastic method of expanding your audience. It encourages brand advocacy by rewarding devoted customers for spreading the word.

Your gift will be more successful if you include all the pertinent information in a feed article that users can access whenever they like. Promoting this gift, however, should be done on your Story.

Throw down a gauntlet.

Online dares spread like lightning. Brand awareness can be significantly increased if your company can initiate a viral challenge.

Honor important achievements.

Participating in communal celebrations is essential to the process of community development. Brands can use social media to inform their online communities about important business events.

Tell everyone about the latest developments at work.

It’s not just the company’s internal partners who can benefit from hearing about recent developments.

Your online community will likely be interested in hearing about changes like hiring a new head of digital and social media or expanding into a new location.

Emphasize goods and services.

Even though Instagram has a purchasing option, you still might want to advertise your wares in a Story every once in a while.

If you’re trying to drum up interest in a specific product in the midst of a sale, for instance, using the purchasing badge in Story is a fantastic idea.

Disseminate the latest happenings in your field.

One of the best methods to provide value to your social media followers is to share informative material with them.

An business can expect a pattern or piece of news to go viral every once in a while. Third-party cookies have officially been phased out of marketing.

Reroute the audience’s attention elsewhere.

Many customers first encounter a company on Instagram, but that interaction must not stop there.

Use your Story to direct people to your website, other social media accounts, or other types of material.

Let’s assume, for argument’s sake, that your home decor company is looking to expand its email subscription base. Stories is doing the right thing by promoting its email and sending people to the home page for the newsletter.

Boost recent updates.

Due to Instagram’s ever-shifting formula, businesses can no longer be certain that their messages will reach the people they intend.