Here Are Creative Ways To Increase Business Awareness Using Instagram Stories.

Since the introduction of Instagram’s “Stories” feature two years ago, users have been searching for ways to make their accounts more noticeable. More than 800 million people regularly use the social networking app, and its Stories feature has swiftly become one of its most popular components.

The format lends itself to off-the-cuff, even eccentric, writing. This adds a strong feeling of freshness and urgency to the material. Brands who want to increase interaction with their present and future consumers will benefit greatly from this platform since it appeals to users’ FOMO (fear of missing out).


Nothing could be more up-to-date than this content. Since anything might happen in a live feed, many viewers tune in to experience that element of surprise. This makes it an ideal venue for sharing news about a new offering, running a promotion, or reporting on an event.

Users may communicate with one another in real time via the video broadcast by leaving comments or using emoticons. As a result, ‘ask me anything’ style Q&A sessions are a great fit for live Stories. It’s easy to feel like there’s a genuine connection between the company and the audience when they can ask questions and get answers in real time.

Give a preview

If you want to make your Instagram followers feel special, use Instagram Stories to hint to an imminent announcement or event. They’ll be intrigued enough to return for the conclusion.

United Airlines, for instance, used a still image in their Instagram feed. The caption informed viewers that the United Polaris lounge at Newark Airport was soon to open for business. In this case, the company is using the unique preview of its newest service to increase the number of people who check out its Story.

An inside peek into your brand’s operations, whether it’s the creation of a product (like Buzzfeed Tasty’s wildly successful recipe stories), a tour of your facilities, or a “day in the life” of an employee, helps you connect with your audience on a more personal level.

A behind-the-scenes look works wonderfully at bringing that ‘human’ touch to your campaign because of the aesthetically appealing and dynamic nature of Instagram Stories.

Conduct a survey with your target demographic

Instagram only recently added the ability to conduct polls. They are a great way to get your followers involved, whether the issue is serious (like a new product concept) or light-hearted (like whether they prefer pizza or tacos).

Teams in competitive sports have taken to using Instagram polls to ask followers to predict the outcome of forthcoming games. Meanwhile, Sabra Hummus polled its fans on Twitter to find out which of the company’s flavours they liked most.

Allow another person to take charge.

Giving a fan complete control of your Instagram stories for an evening or a day is the ultimate grassroots strategy for interacting with consumers.

Not only will the lucky person’s friends and family tune in to watch their loved one broadcast to a wide audience, but it will also demonstrate that your company cares about its customers. It may also show potential customers how they can incorporate your brand into their everyday life.

Keeping a tally of the days (or minutes) remaining

By conducting a countdown on Stories, you may generate excitement for an approaching product release, event, or holiday. As the big day approaches, your followers’ excitement will grow and they’ll feel more invested in the outcome.

Add some flair to your narrative by using stickers and other visual aids.

In a space as constrained as an Instagram Story, visuals are a terrific way to increase engagement and convey a great deal. You may spice up your movies with an ever-growing selection of stickers to use in the Stories feature.

Use material made by users

While similar to an Instagram takeover, this strategy has a few key distinctions. There are no time constraints or user restrictions. Responding to your followers’ tags and comments and sharing material they’ve created that features your brand can encourage more people to engage with you online.

Conjure up a Story Tempest

Instagram Stories are temporally limited due to the platform’s architecture. There may be times when you wish to share a more extensive Tale. Create a “Story storm” by publishing a string of updates all related to the same subject.

In contrast to the usual blink-and-it’s-over Story style, story storms provide you the chance to elaborate on your point.

Finally, it’s over!

You may expand your brand’s reach and strengthen relationships with both new and existing customers by using Instagram’s Stories function. One-third of the most popular Stories are made by brands, and almost 250 million people use them every day.