Grow Your Audience By Using Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags are the backbone of one of the most popular social networks now available, which is Instagram. You may accomplish your marketing objectives more quickly and effectively by using the appropriate number of hashtags and using them correctly. Continue reading to gain some helpful hints and best practises for increasing your visibility with hashtags on Instagram.

Why Is It Important to Use Hashtags on Instagram?

On Instagram, hashtags are quite significant since they enable users to connect with new consumers, broaden their reach, start conversations, and even track user-generated content for their brands. Users have the ability to follow a specific hashtag, and virtually any hashtag that comes to mind may also be followed. This may be of immense use when conducting research on hashtags, as it provides a quick method for determining how your postings might be incorporated with those of other users and targeted towards certain audiences.

Hashtags that are more general, like #Instagood or #newyork, often have a big number of people that follow them; while, hashtags that are more specialised, like #detroitshopping (seen above), will have a smaller number of followers but a more specific audience. Beginning with more general hashtags related to your business or expertise, go on to those that are more particular as you go. Consider starting with these hashtags in the same manner that you could with search engine optimization. You begin with one- or two-word keywords to undertake broad research, and then you go on to long-tail searches that are tailored to exactly match your brand and the people that interact with it.

Finding the Appropriate Hashtags to Use

Keeping track of and researching hashtags manually may be a time-consuming process; if this is the case for you, it may be worthwhile to make an investment in a few apps that can assist you in this endeavour. You can determine the popularity of a tag, see related hashtags (the tool’s most useful feature), see the top influencers for that hashtag on Twitter, and discover the most recent topics that are trending with the assistance of tools such as Hashtagify, which are available in both free and paid versions.

Are You Using the Correct Hashtags for Your Brand?

You shouldn’t be hesitant to take advantage of some fun hashtags if your brand voice is tongue-in-cheek, fashionable, or younger; just use them appropriately. They are an easy way to give users more individuality and appeal, which in turn draws more attention to your company. Be sure to use them in conjunction with other popular hashtags, as they do not often receive a high volume of searches or a lot of visibility on their own.
The optimal number of hashtags is still up for debate at this point. Instagram has a limit of 30, but utilising that many is not something we encourage doing at any point. If you want the best outcomes, you should always use more than three, although the graph below from TrackMaven (one point of view) reveals that the optimal number is between between four and eleven.

Under no circumstances should you try to get followers by using tags such as #like4likes or #follow4follow. You will get a greater number of followers as a result of this, but they won’t be of high quality and won’t connect with your brand very often.

Keep an eye on the other companies

Do some research on the followers and posts of your rivals because you most likely have the same target audience with them or one that is quite comparable to it. Keep up with their feeds and make a note of any hashtags they employ that appear to be receiving a significant amount of interaction. Experiment with a handful and observe how the audience reacts to them. You may also try looking at the accounts of people that have a lot of impact in your field to see how they engage with their followers and how they acquire new followers.

Increasing Awareness Via the Use of Local Hashtags

Increasing the number of people who follow you on Twitter quickly is as simple as using local hashtags. Using location-based hashtags is a simple method to expand your audience and engage with your local community, and if you run a local business, this is something you should do even if the majority of your transactions are conducted online. Individuals frequently use the app to discover amazing new locations to go and goods to purchase, and they take pleasure in giving their business to local establishments.
In each of your posts, include a minimum of two or three location-based hashtags, in addition to any other hashtags that you want to use. You will increase the likelihood of reaching more members of your target audience if you include a range of hashtags in your social media posts.

Implementing Branded Hashtags Into User-Generated Content Marketing Efforts

You may track mentions of your brand everywhere they occur inside the app by creating your own hashtag(s) for your company and utilising those hashtags in your posts. This will help you start discussions about your brand and locate where they are occurring.
A great number of companies have difficulty dealing with user-generated material, but Instagram provides the possibility to simply modify this with its hashtag network. The vast majority of consumers are more than willing to donate to (and aid in the promotion of) firms that they adore; all they need is a straightforward chance and request to do so.


In your postings, provide people with instances of how your hashtag is being utilised, and then urge them to reply. If your hashtag is for the fictitious apparel brand “Lemon,” for instance, you may post something along the lines of “Show us how much you #LoveLemon.” We’ll highlight the most compelling contributions on our channel!”

Utilizing hashtags on your Instagram account will always be a matter of trial and error, but the following ideas will assist you in getting a good start on the process.