Instagram Hashtags: What I Learned From 5 Great Advertisement Campaigns

Having just passed 700 million members, Instagram is now the third most popular social network behind Facebook and YouTube, according to a report by TechCrunch. Influencers also believe Instagram to have the greatest interaction rates of any social media site. As a result, it’s not surprising that Instagram has reached one million advertisers, as more and more businesses are using the network to spread brand awareness and foster consumer relationships.

Hashtag campaigns are among the most successful of the countless Instagram applications for commercial purposes.

those with at least one hashtag on Instagram receive 60.61 percent more likes, comments, and shares than those without any hashtags, per the Instagram Engagement Report.

Hashtags are a simple way to increase your Instagram post’s exposure and reach a wider audience. And they work wonders for your brand when you’re doing an Instagram advertising campaign.

Here are five firms whose Instagram marketing strategies rock the hashtag.


Despite the ad’s politically sensitive message about the immigration restriction, Airbnb is promoting diversity for its own purposes. Some Airbnb owners allegedly charge more on average and refuse to rent to people of specific races or ethnicities, according to reports.

Red Bull

In only a few short months, approximately 10,000 unique #PutACanOnIt photographs were published and hashtagged across Instagram and Twitter when Red Bull invited its followers to do so. Minis, trucks, vehicles, motorbikes, aircraft, people, and even pets have all “put a can on” by fervent fans.

As #PutACanOnIt spread, more major businesses started getting in on the action. After Pepsi tweeted a picture of a Pepsi can, Red Bull topped it with one of their own and added the hashtag #PutACanOnIt. Then Perrier joined the fray, stacking a can of Perrier on another of its rivals, Red Bull, above a can of Pepsi. As a result of this unplanned exchange between the three businesses, the #PutACanOnIt campaign was taken to a whole new creative level.


Saying “OK Google, YouTube my break” to an Android phone or a phone with the Google app installed will initiate a voice search. After watching a brief KitKat film on YouTube, users are sent to a playlist including the most popular clips on the site, all of which they are encouraged to share with friends.


Starbucks promotes their holiday drinks and, you guessed it, red cups with a contest every year beginning in November with the hashtag #RedCupContest.

As seen by the over forty thousand submissions, Starbucks fans never fail to impress when offered the chance to win a hefty cash prize.

The #RedCupContest is great for publicity, sales, and brand recognition. Obviously, you need to buy a drink before you can snap a photo of the red cup, but by providing a reward, Starbucks advertises its seasonal beverages and increases sales.


Well Travelled is a web content series by Herschel Supply that features picture essays from travellers to places including New York City, Tel Aviv, and Kerala, India. The goal of the site, which is updated weekly and communicated through photo essays, is to showcase Herschel’s travel bags.


We hope you’ve gained some inspiration for your own Instagram hashtag marketing strategy.

Instagram is a fantastic tool for any company to use in their marketing strategy. A well-thought-out Instagram marketing strategy, along with enthusiasm, originality, and the appropriate hashtag, may do wonders for any brand.