3 Effective Steps For Instagram Growth Hack

With over a billion users and 500 daily active users, Instagram is rapidly expanding. Growing your audience and getting your content seen by more people may be challenging, though. If you want to get your Instagram account off the ground, here are three growth hacking strategies to get you started.

Here’s a small secret we’ll share with you: Tori Ugarte, a product manager at Animoto, has a popular Instagram account because to her dog, Rei. Tori gave me a simple 3-step Instagram growth hacking approach when I asked her how she increased Rei’s following. Keep reading to find out more.

What exactly is Instagram growth hacking?

Instagram translation: testing different combinations of content, hashtags, and other factors to see what leads to the fastest increase in followers and the most likes and comments.

The first step in growth hacking is…
Tori recommends developing a distinctive voice for your Instagram account before attempting any growth hacking strategies. It’s important to differentiate your account from others in the same niche. Learn to appreciate your own unique identity, content goals, and selling points.

Consider Tori’s dog, Rei. There are many Shiba Inus, like Rei, on Instagram. Her unique voice and personality set her apart as a Shiba cell spy who views her humans as her “human servants” and her canine exploits as “missions.”
This is not limited to canine companions. Here’s one that’s probably already on your radar: Marie Kondo is an organising consultant who sets herself apart by emphasising the importance of making clients happy.

How to Hack Instagram’s Growth in 3 Easy Steps?

It’s time to start hacking your way to success once you’ve chosen your niche and established your unique selling proposition. Tori has provided a simple three-step process to get you going.

Hashtag Testing

Tori suggests trying out some hashtags to get things rolling. Using hashtags is the most effective technique to reach those who aren’t currently following you on Instagram. However, there are a plethora of hashtags to choose from, so you’ll have to test different ones to see which ones get the best results.

Try out some different hashtags.

Just start tweeting and seeing what sticks by using various hashtags. Is there a way to quantify this interest? These are some suggestions:

Check out the most popular threads to see where your name is mentioned: To see if your post is included under “Top,” as Tori says, click through on each hashtag.
Engage in conversation: The level of participation in a certain hashtag community may be gauged by chatting with other users. Time and experience will teach you which hashtags are most likely to attract an audience who will like reading your content.

Try out different posting frequencies and times

After you’ve begun to get a feel for the most effective hashtags, the next step is to play around with how often you post and when you post to maximise engagement. It’s remarkable how much of a difference you’ll see in the amount of likes and interaction each post receives if you put in the time to figure out what rhythm and timing works for you.

In order to reach followers in all time zones, some Instagram users may post many times daily. However, it may be difficult to post so frequently unless you have a lot of high-quality content to share. It’s important to strike a balance between publishing too seldom and failing to keep your audience interested.

Content Evaluation

You know the best times to publish, the best times to utilise specific hashtags, and the optimal frequency of your posts. Finally, it’s time to put your content through some tests and make some adjustments. You’ll have the most success if you spread around more of the material that’s already connecting with your audience.

Tori has discovered that the most effective photographs are those of Rei either curled up in a ball appearing unhappy or staring intently into the camera when out in nature. People who enjoy Rei’s fanbase also enjoy snow and dogs in bags. Rei’s popularity and interaction drop when she turns her back on the camera. Tori’s plan for the material she shares will benefit from this insight.

Extra Instagram Hacks

There are a few additional things you can do to “growth hack” your Instagram account beyond the aforementioned three stages. One strategy is to join forces with well-known figures in your field.

Tori believes it is a plus if you can get someone famous to talk about you. However, you can increase your exposure by tagging popular accounts in your posts, even if they aren’t talking about you specifically. You’ll be seen by others looking through posts in which these influential accounts have been mentioned.

Finally, don’t be afraid to play around with moving pictures. Video postings on Instagram receive twice as many comments as other types of posts, according to data just provided by social media monitoring tool Mention. A compelling video may help your Instagram account stand out from the crowd and attract more viewers.