Using Talkwalker To Get The Most Out Of Your Instagram And Facebook Data

What does this entail for developers that rely on Facebook and Instagram’s APIs?

Since there has never been a Facebook or Instagram Firehose, tokens issued to individual users are required to have access to the respective networks’ public APIs. Users of Talkwalker must thus give a token in order to gain access to Facebook’s data.

Before the policy modifications, Talkwalker inquiries would pull information from several high-traffic official pages (like media outlets). Due to a change in the API, users of Talkwalker are now responsible for manually choosing which social media accounts to track.

A definition, please. Talkwalker Analytics still provides access to data from Facebook and Instagram, but in order to collect results related to your usual social listening queries, you must add particular pages or hashtags to each project.

What information about Instagram and Facebook may be obtained using Talkwalker?

Numbers from privately-held profiles on Facebook and Instagram

Once your project includes your company’s Facebook and Instagram profiles, you can view their analytics within Talkwalker. This implies that in addition to user mentions, owned page data such as actual reach, video views, audience analytics, and Instagram Stories metrics are also accessible on the Talkwalker platform. You will not find this information anywhere else; it is strictly confidential.

Bibliometric information from Facebook

In our most recent update, we gave you the option of creating your own Data Library, where you may save the Facebook data you need to feed your themes without having to scour the web for it. You may get a complete picture of the information surrounding to promote your brand, business, product, or industry problem. You have the option of using Talkwalker’s established list of monitored pages, or creating your own custom list of pages to keep tabs on.

Your capacity to analyse data from Facebook will be much enhanced after you install these preconfigured libraries. Minutes later, you’ll have access to industry- or region-specific landing pages, along with real-time engagement stats that show you exactly what your target audience cares about at any given time.

All of Facebook’s policies have been followed in the development of this new function.

Thirdly, information gathered from Facebook rating posts

You may now collect information about Facebook reviews through your own means. What was reviewed, when it was reviewed, and whether or not it was recommended are all included. Add any reviews’ responses, of course.

Non-owned Instagram page data

If you want to keep tabs on your rivals’ social media activity, major industry sources, or influencers/key opinion leaders, you may connect their Instagram Business Accounts or Creator Profiles to your project channels and then follow their activity. You may be certain that this information will not be distributed to any other clients.

Information obtained from various Instagram hash tags

Instagram allows users to monitor trending and popular hashtags within specific industries or for specific occasions.

Your Facebook and Instagram ad statistics

We recently expand your goods and services to include paid social, which means that, depending on your plan, you may now view the efficacy of your ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram without ever leaving Talkwalker.