Tips For Organizing Your Company’s Instagram Accounts

The use of visual material in advertising is still crucial. And advertising on Instagram is a great way to make everlasting visual connections with your company. Some companies have a wide range of products, a large number of retail outlets, and several demographic niches they cater to. When that happens, it’s time to have a conversation about using several Instagram accounts for company expansion.

Instagram allowed users to manage several accounts from the same mobile device a few years ago. The process is simple from a technological standpoint. Managing several Instagram profiles efficiently in order to promote your business is a more intriguing topic.

Instagram: Why You Need Multiple Accounts

Employment and promotion should be kept apart.

Keeping your promotion for different types of employment or internship opportunities separate is one good reason to use numerous Instagram profiles. The Starbucks Jobs profile is a shining example; it provides information on working for the firm, including retail and corporate positions, internships, and the College Achievement Plan. In order to reach its target market and accomplish its objectives, the brand makes use of a variety of profiles. You’ll agree that marketing and HR accounts will provide material tailored to those demographics.

Represent various goods and services

How about splitting your account into several sections to better cater to your target audience? A major company like Adidas, for instance, handles several Instagram accounts tailored to specific demographics (Adidas Women) and lines of merchandise. (Adidas Originals). That’s why it’s so important to tailor content to a certain audience or focus on a specific range of products or services. If you’re just going to duplicate your primary Instagram profile’s material, there’s no need in maintaining other profiles.

Focus on certain regions

It makes sense for major corporations to operate branches in many places throughout the world. The problem is that the target demographics may not all speak the same language or be interested in the same topics. For instance, Sephora has separate Instagram profiles for each of the nations with which it collaborates. This calls for localised marketing strategies and account management in the native tongue.

Determine Your Account’s Goals

Strategic preparation provides a solid foundation upon which to build your endeavour. Without a well-considered plan, a promotion is more likely to go in the wrong direction or to stall out altogether. For every endeavor, this is the same as the worst possible result. A good plan will outline your objectives and detail the steps to get you there. This also applies to the management of several Instagram accounts. Establishing your motivations in advance of making an Instagram account is essential.

Accounts relating to a product may wish to boost sales and website traffic. Those concerned with the brand are frequently focused on goals to increase engagement or brand recognition. Local communities are the primary focus of area-specific sub-accounts.

Develop an Individual Content Plan for Each Account

Now that we know what we want, we can begin planning our content strategy. A simple formula that takes into account all sales and psychology, design, and advertising variables is not always possible when it comes to content planning. Instead, it’s a preplanned calendar for releasing articles at set intervals with predetermined material. This document will help the company plan for tomorrow’s posts by analysing what was well received and what wasn’t. A separate plan like this is needed for each Instagram account you manage.

You need to know who your followers are on a certain account if you want to provide information that will actually interest them. Insight into what people are talking about now may be used to make better choices in the future with the aid of Vista Social’s social media listening tools. Listen in on and analyse conversations about key issues to gather insight into customer attitudes and the state of your brand. Discovering consumer sentiment, gaining a deeper understanding of the competition, seeing gaps in the market, and capitalising on chances to set yourself apart from the competition are all facilitated by a user-friendly platform.


Instagram is no longer the exclusive domain of the young and technologically skilled. Instagram provides businesses with a potent tool for boosting sales and client loyalty, allowing them to connect with their audience on a more personal level. Businesses with several Instagram accounts may tailor their content to a wide variety of niches, regions, and consumer demographics.