Designing an Instagram Shop Page

Now, Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users, hundreds of new features for companies, and 58 times higher interaction per follower than Facebook.

It’s no surprise that several companies, especially e-commerce sites, neglect other kinds of social networking in favour of Instagram.


Instagram’s focus on visual material provides an excellent venue for online retailers to promote their wares. Millions of companies have realised the potential of Instagram and now use it into their overall marketing plans.

An estimated 72% of Instagram users frequently engage in online shopping. This enhances the platform’s potential as a tool for communicating with and entertaining a wide audience. The more interested the crowd, the more money will change hands. Right?

Instagram’s commercial tools provide marketers a wide berth within which to innovate, allowing them to outdo the competition and attract customers in novel ways.

More specifically, they may create Instagram profiles to add aesthetic appeal to their online shop pages.

Do you need people to check out your company page and follow you on Instagram? So be sure to provide your profile with useful and eye-catching information! Instagram users may be converted into consumers by using attractive and engaging designs.


Here are some suggestions and case studies to help you get started with the aesthetics of your Instagram storefront. You’ll find that creating eye-catching content on Instagram doesn’t require a degree in design. When done right, the content of your Instagram store’s profile may generate a “Wow” reaction from followers and leave them wanting more.

Construct a Net

Instagram marketing performance is directly proportional to the quality of the photographs you post. Finding or making them may be a time-consuming process. To make matters worse, some marketers have the “good fortune” of promoting items that are hard, if not impossible, to picture in one’s head. You can still make an interesting Instagram eCommerce page by adhering to some fundamentals of illustration and graphic design.

Here’s a suggestion:


Arrange your Instagram photos in a checkerboard pattern and rotate them clockwise. Photos and quotations, for instance, can be combined. Maybe you might switch out stark photos for soft ones.
Use Instagram as a shopping platform without inhibition and create a one-of-a-kind “net” for your product photos. When advertising a web shop, it’s a good idea to include both image and textual information. What would work best here is either customer feedback or brief “how to” guides. Simply choose the forms of content you think would perform best on Instagram.


Making each row look like it pertains to a different topic is another easy-to-implement tip for creating an Instagram shop page. Organize the pictures anyway you choose, by colour, theme, subject, etc.


If you arrange photographs that are aesthetically similar in a diagonal formation, you get the same effect. In the same way that you may post three rows at once, you can also publish three images simultaneously. In the absence of proper row alignment, your design will be ruined.
Online retailers, designers, beauty parlours, and tattoo parlours have all found success using “net” layouts. Blending large pictures with close-ups can help clients get a more comprehensive mental picture of your goods.

Construct a Frame

Pictures with frames are more eye-catching. A user can utilise them to zero in on a specific section of a larger image. Each picture you post to your Instagram eCommerce profile may become a work of beauty if you take the time to frame it properly.


The use of Geometrical Boundaries

Squares, rectangles, and circles are all fair game; try out a variety of shapes to discover which one works best for your Instagram store. If you want to draw more attention to your advertising photos, try framing them in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Put together pictures with Image Blocks

Nowadays, it’s hard to win over Instagram users. They appear to have seen it all, and the marketers have no secret weapons left to use. You know that great content is important, but so do five out of ten social media experts. You’ll need to take an unconventional strategy if you want your Instagram eCommerce page to stand out and get links that will improve its Google page rank.


This layout is really noticeable. Users of Instagram may lose track of time when scrolling a stunning collage due to the fluidity with which the individual images transition into one another.
Promote your blog or content-heavy website with ease with this Instagram strategy. Conspicuous columns direct readers down the page, and supporting visual components clarify your blog’s focus.


Here’s a tip that will speed up the process of assembling a collection of images: divide the target image into nine or twelve smaller parts. The Instagram storefront you make with this method will attract more customers and increase sales. Instagram ads that convert well can benefit from the comprehensive nature of puzzles.
In addition, they facilitate the dissemination of visual art, literary works, and other forms of creative production.

Don’t Be Afraid to Play Around With Color

Marketers still need to be well-versed in the psychology of colour if they hope to persuade consumers to buy their wares, whether they like it or not. The colour scheme you pick for your Instagram store will have a noticeable effect on your customers. Think about this while picking up a colour scheme for your Instagram business page.

Remember, too, that your brain can only process three things at once. Why the rule of thirds works so well in design, literature, and other fields. You should limit your Instagram profile to no more than three primary colours.

Hues at the centre

Although black and white photographs are in style at the moment, they might get boring when used on an Instagram profile for an online store. It’s preferable to pick a small palette of primary colours to apply consistently across your material.