How to Improve Your Instagram Followers and Be Featured on Explore?

The primary objective of most businesses’ social media efforts is to expand their audience and differentiate themselves from the myriad of other brands’ social media profiles. To achieve this on Instagram, one of the greatest strategies is to have your posts featured on the app’s Explore page.

Instagram’s Explore feature compiles posts and stories from across the site in a variety of ways. Each user’s experience on the website is tailored to their own preferences and actions. Machine learning is used in Instagram’s algorithm to better promote accounts to users.

Every day, almost 200 million people visit the Explore page of Instagram. For the accounts who manage to get their excellent content included on the Explore page, this implies a chance to increase engagement, conversion, and sales growth rate.

If you open your app and look for the search icon at the bottom, you will be sent to the Explore page.
Instagram’s Explore tab may be accessed from the desktop app by selecting the compass symbol in the upper right corner.
Instagram’s algorithms take notice of your page because of things like increased interaction and the presence of graphic material. Yet that’s standard practise for a lot of businesses, so you’ll need to find ways to stand out. 

Develop useful material

Having relevant and high-quality content is essential if you want to appear on the Explore page. Content that provides value to the user, whether in the form of amusement or useful information, will be more likely to be read and shared.

Yet you can’t satisfy your customers unless you know who they are. That’s why it’s important to start by creating profiles of your target customers. This is especially true for new businesses that have yet to establish a connection with their target demographic and learn what kind of material they find engaging.

The Explore page’s content categories, subjects, themes, and aesthetics may be determined with the use of social listening strategies. Since the content on your Explore page is tailored to your specific tastes, that’s where we recommend jumping in. Examine the most shared and highest rated posts from related accounts, and utilise them as models for your own.

Lastly, make sure you are aware of the various content forms and how to maximise interaction with each. Instead of using a carousel to convey difficult subject, you might, for instance, use a humorous Reel, interesting Instagram captions, or Instagram video content.

Consider using Instagram’s data analytics

In this scenario, Instagram analytics can serve as a road map to the Explore page. Instagram analytics information reveals which tactics are successful and which ones require tweaking. After all, you want to increase engagement, which may fill your sales funnel.

The data can help you figure out how to improve your audience engagement if, for example, you find that you’re reaching too many people but not getting much of a response from them.

Instagram users are prompted to interact with them by doing so. So, any Instagram user with an interest in entertainment would frequently come across Netflix material in their Explore feed.

In the typical occurrence that a company does not see a feature on the Instagram Explore page, the Instagram analytics tool comes in helpful. Your feature’s after-effects in terms of likes and engagement rates will be visible in the Explore feed for some time.

Track the tendencies

Instagram must be one of the social media platforms with the most frequent releases of trends, all of which are designed to enhance the user experience. The most recent addition to Instagram, called “Collab,” is a prime example. This function enables a post or Video to be shared between two Instagram accounts.

Instagram is always pushing these new features on the Instagram Explore page. They facilitate access to the Explore page and should be used accordingly.

Also, aim for content types that are now popular and will still ensure increased exposure and readership. Your business will be exposed to new people when they spread material that is relevant to current events. As of now, you’ve probably seen that most brands have adopted:

  • The use of Instagram Stories for Q&A and live broadcasts
  • Incentives for Instagram users to shop without leaving the platform via “shoppable” postings.
  • Captions and memes that make you think
  • Promotional videos for creative works
  • Use influencer marketing, and in particular, collaborate with trend-focused niche influencers.

Form and expand your online group

People who get together on the internet to pursue common aims and interests are said to be part of an online community. For Instagram to develop as a platform, more people and businesses need to be able to engage with each other, which is why Instagram communities are so important.

This is also another advantage of the Explore section. It facilitates the creation of Instagram profiles and the growth of related online communities. If you want to be on Instagram’s Explore page, you need to have established a following with which other people want to interact. A more engaged community will increase your likelihood of success.

Provide ways for your target audience to interact with your Instagram posts so you can establish a dedicated following. One way to accomplish this is via:

  • Beginning discussions about a brand online in places like the comments, direct messages, and Instagram stories
  • Taking up a conversation in the form of comments and private messaging
  • Not including a call to action is a mistake.
  • Sponsor giveaways that users may share to increase exposure to your posts.
  • Share user-created media
  • Also, you may suggest that they enable alerts for your feed and story posts. In this way, the vast majority of your intended audience will be exposed to your articles and encouraged to interact with them through likes, comments, shares, and re-posts. It’s very possible that the Instagram algorithm may take notice and give your content a boost on the Instagram Explore page as a result.