How To Grow Your Followers On Instagram?

Instagram is currently among the most widely used social networking sites. But it’s more than simply a place to share photos of your pet and your selfies; it’s also a powerful promotional tool. For brand building purposes, Instagram has grown so important that it should be your next step after launching a website.

Not using exaggeration here. Marketing on Instagram is a great method to get your name out there and build a following, which in turn may lead to more website visitors and more sales.

However, gaining a large following is a difficult process that requires dedication and effort.

What can you gain from using Instagram for marketing?

Half of Instagram’s 1 billion monthly active users are in the prime social media usage demographic of 18-29. Instagram is a great place to reach your target audience if they fit into this category. But with the right approach, Instagram can be a potent tool for promoting any brand, from startups to multinationals.

Strong visibility increases people’s familiarity and comfort with your brand, which in turn increases your following. It’s a great approach to get your name out there to a wider audience through eye-catching visuals. Finally, having a sizable Instagram following increases your earning potential through opportunities like brand collaborations. 

Gaining a larger Instagram following: a how-to guide

Increasing your fan base may be done in two primary ways: organically and through advertising. As there are an endless number of content providers on Instagram, organic development is sluggish and consistent, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd. Gaining a following requires perseverance and compelling visual images.

Keep in mind that if you want to use Instagram’s paid advertising features, you’ll need a business account, which may be converted from a personal one. 

7 methods to increase your Instagram following

Upload photos of a good quality

Any Instagram account worth its salt will emphasise sharing only high-quality content. There are a lot of creative content providers on the network that submit stunning photos, so you have to work extra hard to make your profile stand out. 

Content that is appealing to the eyes is more likely to be read or watched in its entirety. If they see a grainy, amateurish photo on your profile, they won’t bother checking out your engaging caption.

The quality and presentation of your information should be as good as feasible. You don’t have to hire a professional photographer or illustrator, or even shell out a lot of money for equipment. 

Improve your content variety

Your audience isn’t interested in perpetual repetition. That’s why it’s essential to mix it up with Instagram Stories, videos, and photos. You may expand your audience and appeal to those with somewhat different interests by mixing up your material.

The most popular Instagram profiles use all of the features. It’s a fantastic approach to expanding coverage without doubling up. The most important thing is that everything you provide is consistent with your brand and the values you uphold.

Make appropriate use of hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most fundamental features of Instagram for reaching new people organically. If you want to reach more people with your content, you should use hashtags before you post. A post that does particularly well in terms of engagement may be featured in the Top Posts area of a hashtag, or it may even be discovered by users when they’re browsing the Explore page. All of which raises the profile of your post, which might lead to more people following you.

Add calls-to-action to your content

Calls to action (CTAs) tell your readers what you want them to do once they’ve seen your piece. It’s a strategy for maintaining your visitors’ interest so they keep coming back for more. Asking your followers to do anything, such as share a post, like a photo, comment, watch a video, like a story, check back the following day for a discount, or visit another social media page, are all examples of calls to action. Use a teaser, such as an image with a caption urging your followers to check back the next day for a major surprise, to keep them interested and engaged.

Ensure that your bio is interesting

It takes some effort to attract people to your profile. But what occurs after their arrival? 

Keep it short and sweet; you only have 150 characters to use for your bio, so make every word count. Your bio’s caption has to get people curious enough to click through to the rest of your profile. 

Your bio is also significant since it is the only area on Instagram where you may include a link to a website or external profile.

Feature contributions from your users

Any media your fans make that features your company is considered user-generated content (UGC). By using user-generated content (UGC) in your Instagram marketing, you may make your followers feel more connected to your business. It’s also a great method to promote your business and get feedback from happy consumers.

Calls to action (CTAs) may be used to inspire your audience to produce and disseminate new pieces of content. Anything from images taken while using your products to dancing competitions in support of a good cause fits into this category. 

Publish at optimal times

Instagram aims to show users only material that is relevant to them. When you post can have an effect on how many people see it because newer is always better.

When you know your followers will be online and able to engage with your material, that’s when you should publish new updates.

On weekdays, the majority of people’s waking hours occur in the afternoon. This data, however, is not fixed in stone.