How To Get Verified On Instagram In 2022 [Updated Tips]

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Instagram is an engaging photo and video-sharing application with nearly 2 billion monthly active users. Instagram is a powerful tool for growing your brand or business. In recent years, Instagram has expanded the ways of growth in which content creators, marketers, and business owners can gather attention for their products or services. 

A verified account on Instagram opens up even more opportunities to grow your brand by giving more exposure on the platform. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting verified on Instagram in 2022 and the benefits of having a blue checkmark on your account. 

What Does Instagram Blue Checkmark Mean?

The Instagram blue checkmark, also known as the verified sticker, appears next to the Instagram account name, as well as in searches and IG owner comments on the post. The blue checkmark shows that the user is an official profile on Instagram. 

These badges make the Instagram real account stand out so that the users can be sure they are following the real and right person or brand on the platform. 

Advantages of Instagram Verification

If your business is at risk of being impersonated, you should request verification as soon as possible. There are several advantages to get verified on Instagram. Some of them are listed below. 

  • The blue checkmark helps to promote your brand exclusively on Instagram
  • It increases trust between your brand and your audience
  • Brands prefer to work with influencers or marketers with a verified account on Instagram
  • The verification badge will also help users find their brands on social media platforms.
  • It is a perfect way to enhance your business reach. 
  • It helps to boost brand awareness and grow your new audience
  • Your profile will appear at the top of the Instagram search result when the user is looking for brands.

Tips To Getting Verified On Instagram

If you want to apply for verification on Instagram, then you need to follow some tips to increase the chances of scrolling the blue badge.

#1: Complete Your Instagram Profile

One of the best ways that IG verifies your identity is by looking at your Instagram profile. Create a catchy profile by adding a well-written bio and profile picture representing your brand or business. For example, you can add your company logo as your profile picture to attract your target customer on Instagram.

Making your profile complete and unique is a great way to build credibility with your audience and increase engagement. 

#2: Share Instagram Reels

Reels on Instagram are full-screen vertical videos that can be up to 90 seconds long with editing tools and an extensive library of audio tracks. Additionally, the reels algorithm will determine which reels to show which users. 

Understanding how the IG reels algorithm works can help you to grow your reels views on Instagram either from the Explore page or the reels page. Share engaging reels with the right hashtags make your content visually appealing to your target audience to boost engagement. 

#3: Build Your Social Profiles

Growing a strong following on another social platform can help make your Instagram account appear genuine. Building your social profiles can increase your following organically on Instagram. Are you wondering how to increase followers on Instagram? Try these tips:

  • Build your personality: Building a strong connection with your potential audience is the best way to increase your brand voice.
  • Post content frequently: Sharing content regularly on any social media platform will grow your follower base and make your audience engage with your content. 
  • Share Great Content: posting valuable content on Instagram is the perfect way to build authenticity among your audience. Find out what your audience is looking for and share content to boost reach and engagement. 

Is Getting Verified On Instagram Worth?

There are plenty of benefits to being verified on Instagram, from better brand credibility to a strong social presence. Instagram verified accounts differentiates you from the crowd and makes reaching your target audience on the platform easier. 

Additionally, a verified account makes you more trustworthy on social media platforms and increases your sales and conversion rates. I hope this guide will help you to build a strong Instagram marketing strategy and get your account verified on Instagram.