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Florida Lottery


Florida lottery was granted a license to sell lotteries in Florida in the year 1986.but it officially started in the year 1988.the first Florida lottery ticket was sold in the form of the 1$ scratch off call “THE MILLIONAIRE”. THE MILLIONAIRE game got famous overnight and spread like a fire in the dry jungle.

The Government implemented the rule that the Lotteries can only be legally played by the people who are of the age of 18 and above. since the lottery game was getting addictive in the city among the youth.

All the draws are made from the Universal Studios based in Orlando, Florida. The most popular draw till today is the “Florida Powerball” which has the max valuation of $100 million. other popular games like Lottery Florida are

  • Florida lotto(FL).
  • Lucky Money Florida.
  • Bingo.
  • Flamingo Fortune.
  • Mega Millions
  • Powerball etc this is popular once in the list of the games.

The probability of winning Florida lottery-

well, this sounds quite interesting that we have the probability of winning maybe this is the reason we are still here. let’s deal with numbers so it will through a bright light on the numbers and the chances of winning the lottery.



WINNING RATIO=1/175,223,510 so the figure is almost negligible but yes if everybody starts thinking this way nobody will ever win the lottery in the coming era. well, I will say that you should be extremely blessed with the fortune and mother nature and that should be your day if it’s meant to be.

well giving it a chance is never a harm caused but getting addictive and involving yourself completely into that will definitely take you nowhere in take a chance don’t think too much about that if it’s meant to be yours you will definitely win.else be positive and be happy with what you have after all its not just Florida lottery will make your life or make you fortunate enough to stand’s always the efforts we take will make us stand apart.


The results of the Florida Lottery always fortunate the handful people and rest have a chance to play a game on the next day until there comes a fortunate day in the fortunate life.of the fortunate souls.

The results are announced on the official website of the Florida Lottery.

The traditional way of announcing the results are as follows

  • Florida Lotto – announced once in a day.
  • Lucky money-announced once in a day.
  • Fantasy five -announced once in a day.
  • Pick 2-announced twice a day (MIDDAY and EVENING)
  • Pick 3–  announced twice a day (MIDDAY and EVENING)
  • Pick 4- announced twice a day(MIDDAY and EVENING)
  • Pick5-announced twice a day(MIDDAY and EVENING)                  



RICHARD LUSTIG The winner of FLORIDA LOTTERY  played Fantasy 5 game and won grand prizes consecutively, Well people call it Fortune but The Master justifies the hidden Mathematics behind it.

How Richard Lustig managed to do that?

Richard Says most of the people invest $1 and if the won $10 they will keep those $10 in the pocket and will again play with $1.this is where most of the mediocre people make mistakes.on the other hand if yours earning $10 you should invest $11 in order to earn more this is the approach he followed. he says if you still loose after investing $11 its loss of just $1, but think what if you won? due to this approach and risk-taking nature of Richard he made himself fortunate enough.

some interesting Stats of Lucky cum Mathematician Soul

  • Win 1: $10,000 – Jan 1993 (scratch-off ticket)
  • Win 2: $13,696.03 – Aug 1997 (Florida Fantasy 5)
  • Win 3: “Wheel of Fortune” Holiday trip to Los Angeles – June 2000 (valued at $3,594.66) (scratch-off ticket “2nd chance drawing”)
  • Win 4: Elvis Holiday trip to Memphis – Oct 2001 (valued at $4,966) (scratch-off ticket “2nd chance drawing”)
  • Win 5: $842,152.91 – Jan 2002 (Florida Mega Money)
  • Win 6: $73,658.06 – Nov 25th 2008 (Florida Fantasy 5)
  • Win 7: $98,992.92 – Aug 9th, 2010 (Florida Fantasy 5)

“I use LOTTERY money to buy more lottery tickets”-Richard Lustig.

“I don’t guarantee or make promises to anybody that my methods will make you win the lottery”-Richard Lustig 

Richard Lustig is now a self-described Gambler and an author too. Based on the 40 years of Study and Real-time Experience he has written a self-help book just 40 pages which will enhance your thinking Ability in a different level. and the name of the book is “The Game of Chance or What some call Luck” I will recommend every one to read this book and do give yourself chance and invest in FLORIDA LOTTERY.








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