Top 9 Competencies Every Social Media Manager Needs to Have

There has been a rise in the need for social media managers due to the importance of social media in the expansion of businesses. True, that makes sense.

Due to the multifaceted nature of establishing a successful social media presence, a social media manager’s duties are as varied as they are crucial.

A social media manager is expected to be versatile and adept at a wide range of tasks. And because of the many responsibilities, a social media manager needs a diverse set of abilities. This post will go over the top 9 talents for social media managers. These will be essential for building a successful career. Read on to find out what I mean by “soft talents,” why they’re so crucial, and how you can start cultivating them now.

Competencies Needed for a Prosperous Career in Social Media Management

The popularity of social media has increased dramatically in recent years. The demand for social media managers has increased since the typical user spends two hours every day on social networks. Workers in today’s economy need to be versatile because of the nature of the sector. They can write, create, research, and promote all by themselves.

Becoming a social media manager requires a set of abilities that are each crucial in their own right but also intrinsically linked. Among these abilities are the following:


In 2021, it was predicted that 91% of marketers at companies with more than 100 workers will utilise social media for promotional purposes. This number certainly demonstrates how busy social media is.

Companies need to go outside the box to come up with campaigns that will attract consumers’ attention. For this reason, the ability to think beyond the box is crucial for every social media manager. Invention is the finest way to describe creativity. What sets them apart is their capacity to make the mundane spectacular.

However, if you’re able to tap into your inner inventiveness, you may create social campaigns that generate attention and new, ground-breaking concepts. If you’ve refined your creative abilities, you’ll be able to look past the distractions of everyday life and create something that truly resonates with your target demographic.


When you have good communication abilities, you can articulate your thoughts in a way that others can understand and benefit from. However, talking works both ways.

There are four cornerstones of effective communication:

  • Talking clearly and expressing your thoughts in a way that others can grasp.
  • To actively listen means to take in the information being sent so that a useful and appropriate answer may be formulated.
  • Taking in environmental cues and using that knowledge to shape one’s communication style is the essence of observation.
  • To avoid coming out as a soulless automaton, it’s important to practise empathy.
  • Your company uses social media as a means of communicating with its target market. You are the face and voice of your company, therefore it’s up to you to know how to talk to people in a way that gets them interested and keeps them reading.

The social media team at Starbucks is great at connecting with their target demographic through timely and amusing posts.


You need to get your audience to do something. After all, the reason you’re active on social media is to motivate your audience to do something. The ability to write compelling text is thus essential for a social media manager.

You see, copywriting is focused on getting the reader to take some sort of action. In addition to holding the attention of the reader, it also inspires them to take some sort of action. Emirates’s 50-word Instagram post is a masterclass in concise, effective copywriting.

To write effective content, you must first have a firm grasp of who you’re writing for. To ensure your tone and style are appropriate for your target market, it is essential that you conduct extensive audience research before you begin writing. Discover what feelings cause a response in your target audience.

Make your writing flexible in addition to timely. It’s possible you’ll need to cater your work to a wide variety of platforms, each with their own specific demographics. On Instagram, for instance, a more conversational tone may perform better than on LinkedIn.


Being able to design implies you can express yourself creatively and convey your ideas and thoughts through visually arresting and captivating mediums.

Nearly half (49%) of marketers say that visual marketing is crucial to their efforts. Why? For the simple reason that visuals aid comprehension. It’s no surprise that Honey Bunches of Oats would use Instagram to showcase their graphic design skills. This post is difficult to ignore because to its clear caption and attention-grabbing hues.

Expertise in Community Participation

Involvement in one’s community is a broad concept that encompasses many specific abilities, such as:

  • Empathy
  • Listening attentively
  • Transparency
  • Research
  • Focusing on qualitative research methods and
  • Communication
  • By participating in online communities, businesses may keep the interest of their current clientele while expanding their clientele base.

In order to maximise conversions and maintain a prominent position in the eyes of your customers, you need an active community.

You are the driving force behind your social media campaign as the campaign’s manager. Building a community of engaged audiences who share challenges, perspectives, and talents requires cultivating digital relationships, gathering your prospects, and assembling them.

Free Speech

The foundation of good public speaking is the capacity to express oneself clearly and with self-assurance in front of an audience.

You see, things have changed in the world of social media advertising since the advent of Facebook and Instagram Live Streams. The opportunity for marketers to appear in front of a live audience and speak with them is significant, since 82% of viewers would rather interact with a brand’s live stream than their social postings.

The popularity of live stream shops on social media is also on the rise. In addition, as a social media manager, you’ll need to have the self-assurance and skill to confidently and effectively host live sessions, respond to viewers’ queries on the fly, and conduct interviews in real time if you want to fully realise the promise of live streaming.


There is a mountain of information at your disposal as a social media manager, and you must sift through it to get the answers you need to fine-tune your approach to social media. You must optimise your efforts, time, and money so that they are distributed evenly across the most productive channels.

To show your social media ROI to stakeholders that are already suspicious about social media, you will need to understand how to evaluate data and generate relevant conclusions.

Nowadays, thanks to cutting-edge and very competent social media analytics tools, doing in-depth analyses of social media is far from an insurmountable undertaking.

With SocialPilot, you can generate comprehensive PDF reports that are bursting with insights you can use to fine-tune your social strategy.


How about some social success? If that’s the case, practise your social media management abilities until you’re proficient. Skills necessary for a successful social media management are interrelated, if you haven’t already realised.

Both designing and writing well require a certain degree of originality. To be an effective community organiser, etc., you need strong communication abilities. There is always more you can learn and do to hone your abilities. In order to advance in your chosen field, you should always be working to improve the abilities you already possess.

There is a lot on a social media manager’s plate. Advanced social media managers delegate part of their work to automated, data-driven systems to ensure that none of their responsibilities fall between the cracks.