Designing an Instagram Shop Page

Now, Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users, hundreds of new features for companies, and 58 times higher interaction per follower than Facebook. It’s no surprise that several companies, especially e-commerce sites, neglect other kinds of social networking in favour of Instagram. Why? Instagram’s focus on visual material provides an excellent venue for online READ MORE

How to Improve Your Instagram Followers and Be Featured on Explore?

The primary objective of most businesses’ social media efforts is to expand their audience and differentiate themselves from the myriad of other brands’ social media profiles. To achieve this on Instagram, one of the greatest strategies is to have your posts featured on the app’s Explore page. Instagram’s Explore feature compiles posts and stories from READ MORE

How To Boost Your ROAS For Social Media Ads

Instagram alone has 1.48 billion potential viewers, and so advertising on this platform is a no-brainer for modern marketers. It’s gotten very competitive for people’s attention as this number rises in tandem with annual ad spending. Keeping people’s attention is becoming harder than ever, and the ever-shifting algorithm can be harsh on advertisers and marketers READ MORE