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Instagram Captions-

♣️️  I am a kind of QUEEN who knows that my CROWN is not on my head but on my soul.

♣️️ Life is not Happening but I am.

♣️️ I am the Emperor of SELFIES.

♣️️ Be a Boss,Date a Boss, Build an Empire.

♣️ If a man excepts a woman to be an angel of his life, He must first create heaven for her.

♣️️ Try to catch Flights and not Fights.

♣️️ People will give you an advice, How to rise…Follow your path and give them a SURPRISE.

♣️️ Forgive, Forget and F* off.

♣️️ You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.

♣️️ Find someone who want to invest in you, Learn from you, see you win, support your vision and fall in love with you daily.

♣️️ Be yourself, Everyone else is already taken.

♣️️ Eliminate all other factors and the one which remains must be the truth.

♣️️ Darling don’t forget to fall in love yourself first.

♣️️ Choose to Optimistic it feels better.

♣️️ Its just a bad day, not a bad life.

♣️️ I feel there is nothing more artistic then loving people.

♣️️ And this time I will have NO MERCY on fake tears.

♣️️ Iam like a diamond precious and rare.not like a stone found everywhere.

♣️️ Its okay if you don’t like me not everyone has a good taste.

♣️️ Two things we never have to chase, True friends and true love.

♣️️ Life is too short to deal with Bad Food, cheap drinks and Fake peoples.

♣️️ Your love makes me strong and your Hate makes me unstoppable.

♣️️ Chase Dream, not people.

♣️️ Iam Unstoppable.

♣️️ Love me or hate me I will be as I am

♣ My caption is my caption none of your caption😂

♣️️ Love your own company I don’t think society will last forever.

Selfie Captions | Selfie Quotes  🤳

♣ Embrace the glorious mess that you are

♣ I do things called What I want.

♣ Eyes are never quit

♣ Current Mood: I need a six month holiday, twice a year

♣ It’s me and this is something you cant be

♣ glo and glow privately

♣ You either plant your roots or grow wings to fly.

♣ Today it’s me going for my hidden side and so today it’s Me.

♣ But first Let me take a selfie

♣ I don’t too often takes selfies its frequency is 50/day.

♣  Its time to be yoursef.

♣ Being unique is an art.

♣ Copyright protected!!

♣ Me n Mamma..

♣ Born to stand out.

♣ Being Me

♣ Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons

♣ Showing cleavage doesn’t fix your face

♣ Confidence Level 💯 No filters.

♣ Meanwhile at local Mart

♣ Life is too short for bad vibes#KARMA

♣ I am the royal vibe which you can fell around.

♣ Be happy it drives people crazy…Look at me.

♣ Two great Tastes Together Stays together.

♣ Morning Coffee because no one can replace dark coffee.

♣ Best is yet to come.

♣ Happy Soul

♣ Inhale present exhale past

♣ I just do it.

♣ Nature defines me at its best.

♣ Lack of vitamin YOU

♣  I love Coffee and coincidence

♣ the question isn’t who’s going to lemee..its who’s is going to stop me

Good Instagram Captions🎈

♣ The inferiority of the women is manmade.

♣ Remind yourself daily that you weren’t born to pay bills and die

♣ If you think you can, YOU CAN. #beingoptimistic

♣ Sometimes a winner is just a dreamer that never gave up his goals until he won

♣ I wanna see you in a place where the sky touches a sea and Moon lightens with your smile.

♣ Happiness lies in Attitude, not in pockets.

♣ Its all about priorities.

♣ Karma is way better than love at least what we give it returns like that.

♣ Happy soul is best shield for this cruel world.

♣ She was everything real in a world of make-believe.

♣ You deserve to be the person you meant to be.

♣ Mr.Perfect and Ms.perfect this is what defines our world.

♣ I post what I agree with and not what I am going through.

♣ Sometimes the love of your life comes after a mistake of your life.

♣ Either be begger and beg or be a king and rule the world.

♣ Smiling is 69% more attractive than wearing a makeup.

♣ It gives me smile on my face, increases my heart beats when it’s you.

♣ Be optimistic Like even he is alone but he still smiles.

♣ Beautiful things don’t ask for attention, I think they gain it.

♣ No one loves you, it’s your vibes.

♣ Better than an OOps than a what if.

♣ Sometimes life surprises you with happy coincidences.

♣ A company of An Angel, The perfect Beach, and the slight fadeness of the sun drives my mind in a heavenly mode.

♣ Heaven resides within you, you just need that peace of mind to feel it.

♣ There is SunShine in my soul.

♣ I need new haters old ones is my fans now.

♣ Iam not perfect iam an original.

♣ Make your heart a most beautiful thing about you.

♣ Except yourself as your design.

♣ The bad news is Time flies and the good news is your pilot.

♣ Never stop learning since life will not stop teaching.

♣ My speed is my best asset.

♣ Yes, I am a Hypocrite.

♣ I didn’t realize how big the little things were until I was missing them.

♣ How many nights does it take to count stars?

Love Captions-Instagram Love Captions-❤

♣ I love you as one loves certain dark things, Secretly between shadows and the soul

♣ You are my entire Existence.

♣ I saw you, You were Perfect, Then I loved you and find you were not and then I loved you even more.

♣ A Good idea becomes a great idea when its being let out in the foyer of discussion.

♣ If it’s meant to be, believe me, it will be. (breakup captions).

♣ I will be yours one day, you will be mine one, and this world will be ours one day.

♣ Everyone Knows how to love, But only a few know to Express it.

♣ “Never trust a man who can dance”-fifty shades of grey.

♣ “Raising the ordinary to extraordinary”-fifty shades of grey.

♣  The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you.

♣ He is my NORTH, my SOUTH, my EAST, my WEST, my WEEKDAY, and my peaceful SUNDAY.

♣ Each time you happen to me Over and Over.

♣ Now I understand Poets, They were right, Love is Eternal and I see that in you.

♣ You’re the Epitome of Love, affection and everything I am obsessed with.

♣ I can see myself in the purity of your eyes.

♣ I tried hating you but ended up loving you more and more.

♣ I want to be with someone who will ruin my lipstick not my mascara

♣ True Love never asks for a reason.

♣ If he can look into my eyes and understand me, I see the world in that person.

♣ When Feelings are mutual nothing can spoil it.

♣ Love is Friendship set on fire.

♣ The “Aww” in your tone is enough for everything good in life.

♣ I love you and I think that’s enough reason for being happy.

♣ I hope someday you’ll join us and the world we live in is one.

♣ Although I may not see you as often as I like, still your  my first and last thought every day and night

♣ I can’t predict my future but I will construct u in it definitely

♣ Trust me without uncertainties and accept me without any limitations.

♣ It feels so good when someone means Universe to you.

♣ I will spend my life KISSING you rather than MISSING you.

♣ Your presence is like dream come true.

♣ I love you for being you.

♣ You’re my Support system

♣ Love is Loves reward.

♣ Faith Defines us Trust binds us and your presence combines us.

♣ The goal is to die with memories, not with dreams.

♣ All I know of LOVE is you.

♣ Reply with your MOOD.

♣ A Year ago I never Guessed my life would be this happening #YourPresence.

♣ I fall in love many times with you.

♣ I Love you more when I catch you looking at me.

♣ True Love is the greatest Adventure.

♣ Your the Sunshine of my day.


Instagram Quotes-

♣ I wish I could just ask you what you think of me

♣ It Never gets Easier you just get better.

♣  Aspire to inspire

♣  The goal is to DIE with Memories not with DREAMS

♣ Opinions are meant to be changed or how is truth be got at?

♣ Only a life lived for others is worth living

♣ It might take a year, It might take a Day. But what meant to be will always find its way

♣ Problem is you think you have time

♣ Let’s work on time and drive energy towards something which will contribute in coming FUTURE.

♣ You know you are on the Right Track when you have no interest in looking back.

♣ Be a Boss, Date a Boss, Build an Empire.

♣ It’s better to have Sloppy success than perfect Mediocrity.

♣ Life is too short to be working for someone else’s dream.

♣ You will never know your potential until you test your ability and really exceed your limits in life, Life is trial and error game.

♣ “There is no black-and-white situation, It’s all part of life. Highs, lows and middles.”

♣  Amidst the chaos around, find calm within.

♣ Helping hands are better than clapping hands.

♣ There are two kinds of people in the world GIVERS and TAKERS, the TACKERS may eat more but the giver will sleep well.

♣ These are the words that are not intended to be seen.

♣ Dont believe everything you hear there is always three sides of the stories YOU, THEM, and the TRUTH.

♣ No matter how slow you go you are still LAPING Everybody on the couch.

♣ The only way to do great work is to do what you love if you dont find it search for it #NEVERSETTLE

♣ Something Great is about to happen, be Optimistic

♣ Work until your idols become your equal.

Funny Instagram Captions😂

♣  Having one child makes you parent having 2 will make you a refree.

♣  Iam cool but Global warming is HOT.

♣  Commonsense is the most uncommon thing in the world.

♣ I was dependent on hokey pokey yet I turned myself around

♣ I was lost in thoughts, then I saw her.

♣ Then they give their unwanted opinions.

♣ My relationship status …NETFLIX

♣ A doctor tells a woman she can no longer touch anything alcoholic. So she gets a divorce.

♣ They used to time me with a stopwatch now they use Calenders.

♣ Be calm and be cool what else you want in life.


♣ Not all girls are made of sugar and spices & everything nice Iam made of Sarcasm,Wine & Everything Fine.

♣A simple act of caring creates an endless ripples

♣ Dont Follow to Unfollow.

♣ Love Me or Hate me but don’t Blame me.

♣ Life won’t sparkle unless you do.

♣ Agnee …Defines my hotness

♣ Lost in the world that hardly exists.

♣ Fucked liFE and then Friday Nights… what else you want in life.

♣ laziness is purest emotion i have.

♣ Burgers Excite me.

♣ Sleep, Sleep and again Sleep.

♣ Eat Sleep Rave Repeat….Again Eat Sleep Rave Repeat.

♣ balmy winds for battered souls, Like futureless lovers, on the midnight stroll.

♣ Swiming is just like Flying ..because i can’t do either.

♣ la Isla Bonita

Captions For Amazing Moments.

♣ its always the crazy stuff you remember first, and I have a long list.

♣ Ny is great and so do my Dab

♣ The shadow is temporary but the light is permanent.

♣ Well, I allow you to hit me once for uploading this photo.

♣ One often finds the destiny on the road they try to avoid.

♣ To the New Beginnings.

♣ Let’s share love rather than Disappointments.

♣ I wanna walk with you in the darkness rather walking alone in the light.

♣ I always wanted to tell you this that I really Love you

♣ The day I saw you, I made up my mind to be with you and will always be

♣ Your smile makes my day and your presence will heal my life.

♣ You’re the most precious gift I ever received from GOD.

♣ Your never lost on Bike,you just Explore.

♣ Wisdom comes from Journey not from destination.

♣ Thats how non Photogenic people pose.

♣ The smile on your face when its Saturday night and No fight.

♣ With great Beard comes great responsibility

♣ Cought in the Act

♣ The road to power is paved with hypocrisy, and casualties..never regret-Frank Underwood

♣ I am a free spirit. Either admire me from the ground or fly with me but never cage me.

♣ Truth is rarely pure and never simple.

♣ Morning walks on the beach heals up my soul.

♣ A glass of Tennessee Whisky under the sublime sky with the presence of this folks determines life.



Why should you put captions for each post you make on Instagram, is it necessary?… Not really. just check this out.

10 Reasons why  you should write captions for Every Instagram post you make🤘

1️⃣  Every post you make on Instagram has a certain memory or moment associated with it so it’s better to Elaborate rather than keeping something in the heart.

2️⃣ Express your self and let others too know what was in your mind while clicking on this picture.

3️⃣ Writing good captions will attract more people and this engagement will improve likes on your post.

4️⃣ Since your posting on the social media platform it will last forever so your picture will be memory and captions will highlight your memory like anything:3

5️⃣ Use hashtag to define anything NAME, PLACE, ANIMAL, THING, SARCASM, MOOD, MOMENT etc.

6️⃣ BE in a creative mood before writing captions since your captions define everything for that post.

7️⃣ NEVER EVER copy captions from other posts.

8️⃣ SARCASM is trending and it will be if you love that there is no harm in using that for your captions.

9️⃣ Use Lyrical Captions which defines your Moment in very much unsaid ways, for you, for someone whom you care about or maybe anyone.

🔟 At the end of everything, all we have is a bunch of memories enlighten those with GOOD WORDS, GOOD DEEDS and hope everything good that comes your way.

This is the few reasons why I think you should write Instagram captions if you have any ideas.Suggestions.perspectives about same please feel free to comment in the comment section I would love to hear from you guys.






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