How To Automate Guest Blogger Outreach To Next Level?

Effective digital marketing strategies prioritise accessibility, contextualization, and visibility. Reaching consumers outside of your brand-owned channels (such as your website and individual social accounts) is essential to your business’s success. When you do, your mission is to make them brand loyalists. Although there are many viable options, guest blogging continues to be an efficient one.

When executed properly, guest blogging is a great way to increase readership, authority, and visibility. The main worry is that it is a laborious and slow procedure in the past. You’ll need to innovate a solution if you want this to benefit your company. The solution may lie in automating the procedure with the use of appropriate software, web services, and strategic alliances.

Why and What Is Guest Blogging?

To review, guest blogging (or “guest posting”) is the practise of creating unique content for another organisation’s website or blog. In exchange for their contributions, guest bloggers often receive a byline, brand exposure, and/or valuable backlinks.

There are many advantages to guest posting that make it worthwhile.

  • increases exposure to your brand amongst a new demographic
  • Offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Boosts via Inbound Links
  • Encourages visitors to revisit the site.
  • Boosts the efficacy of business connections
  • Over the past decade, guest blogging has been an established strategy in the fields of content marketing and search engine optimisation. As it has become more mainstream, though, new threats have emerged.

The Issue with Common Methods of Public Engagement

The interactive nature of guest blogging is its worst drawback. Your participation is essential at each stage. The outreach component is included, which is often the most difficult and time-consuming part.

In the conventional method, you seek out blogs and websites that you believe will be of interest to your target audience and helpful to your business by conducting individual, manual searches on Google. You locate all of the relevant bloggers’ contact details and enter them into a spreadsheet. The next step is to contact each blogger individually via email, offering them a sample of your work or pitching them a concept.

Methods to Simplify and Speed Up Guest Blogging Outreach

Automation does not mean having a computer software contact guest bloggers on your behalf whenever a button is pressed. Because of how hands-on and personal this procedure is, taking this route sets you up for likely failure. Instead, we’re talking about making it easier and more profitable to engage bloggers on a meaningful level through the smart use of tools, services, partnerships, and scalable models.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into some practical strategies.

Contract with Key Allies

Let’s begin with the most profitable and advantageous choice: strategic outsourcing. Find and engage a business to handle your guest blogger outreach if you want to fully automate it without sacrificing your brand’s reputation. However, it must be the proper service.

A service with a large number of existing connections is an ideal strategic partner. Take note of the introductory phrase. You should team up with a third-party provider that can use preexisting connections. This expedites the procedure and significantly boosts your odds of success.

Explore Potential with MozBar

Guest blogging entails three main steps: (1) spotting chances, (2) making contact, and (3) composing and releasing the content. The groundwork for stages two and three is laid in the first. Everything else will suffer if this is not handled properly. Therefore, the first step is to look for practical and worthwhile guest blogging possibilities.

MozBar is among the many available tools, yet it stands out as a top contender. More than half a million users have installed this SEO toolbar, which displays immediate analytics when reading search engine results pages (SERPs) or particular web pages.

Check out LinkHelper

Another really potent instrument is LinkAssistant. This tool was built with guest blogging outreach and link building as its cornerstone, in contrast to MozBar, which is made with holistic SEO in mind. Such options include:

Targeting your prospect search is essential. (guest blogging, commenting, reviews, etc.).
You may quickly and easily view a wide range of useful metrics and data, such as Page Authority, Domain Authority, domain age, link metrics, social media metrics, and much more.
Get in touch with new people right now and start building your network. Emails sent, answers, and follow-up details can all be monitored with the system’s built-in analytics and pre-designed email templates.

Build Effective Correspondence Samples

It’s impractical to sit down and write a brand new email every time you want to ask about guest posting. Email templates that look distinctive and unique are the only method to deliver hundreds or thousands of requests quickly.

Every email template, as a rule of thumb, should have a standard format. Start off by saying hello and praising anything you’ve read on their blog. Follow this up with a direct and concise offer or request, then list a few reasons why they should comply.

Quantity Promotion, High-Quality Follow-up

Reaching out to guest bloggers requires a quantitative approach. You may significantly increase your outreach efforts by using email templates. You can locate hundreds or thousands of guest blogging possibilities (provided you use one of the aforementioned tools).

While the number of contacts you make is crucial, the quality of those contacts is what really matters. Reduce the level of automation and start interacting with the process manually. Each potential guest posting opportunity should be treated with the personal attention it deserves.

Conclusions and Remarks

Guest blogging’s significance in digital marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) during the past decade will only grow. The trick is to streamline things through selective automation while keeping the personal touches intact.

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