6 Best Strategies To Increase Instagram Story Views

Instagram stories are the perfect way to engage with your followers and friends to increase your profile reach. Having more Instagram story views is a good approach for reaching more active followers. By January 2019, Instagram reported that 500 million people were using Instagram stories daily. 

70% of US businesses are using Instagram stories, which has great potential to expand business reach worldwide. Are you wondering how to get more eyeballs on your Instagram story? So let’s get to know some powerful strategies to generate more story views and receive more exposure to the stories. 

#1. Share Different Content

Keeping an editorial calendar is a must when posting Instagram stories because it will help you schedule your video in advance and create engaging and informative content for those who follow your account because they expect new stories from you. 

Photo, video, and boomerang are the three main features available for Instagram stories. You can either select one or combine them to create engaging Instagram stories. Additionally, you can share your regular post via Instagram stories to boost post engagement. 

#2. Use Stickers 

Instagram Story is a great feature for interacting with your potential audience. With Instagram stories, you can increase interaction through emoji sliders, poll questions, and stickers. 

Through polls, you can let people know some information about your product or services and answer questions. You can use IG stories for posting questions and answers via the IGTV channel. Additionally, use an emoji slider to get a visual response from your audience. 

#3. Reveal New Content

Instagram stories are a great place to post teasers. You can trigger engagement from your audience with new content and provide them a sneak peek just by posting images or series. Often sharing new content on stories will grab users’ attention and make them watch your Instagram stories regularly. If your Instagram story views are still decreasing or have remained the same for a long time, you should start getting Instagram story views instantly to increase the visibility and reach of your IG story post.

#4. Use Hashtags 

Using a hashtag in your stories can increase your brand exposure and help you to reach a new audience. Hashtags are only available as a sticker on IG stories, or you can use texts to place over the images. To maintain the visibility of your IG stories, you need to add a couple of hashtags in your post to expand your reach. 

At the same time, choosing the right hashtag for your post is essential. Also, you can use branded hashtags to find a target audience for your business. Additionally, you can use popular hashtags that are already in your industry. 

#5. Highlight Your Best Stories

One of the most valuable additions launched for the Instagram stories feature is “Highlights.” In the section, you can save your best stories that you like to keep permanently. With this, your audience can watch and engage them whenever they want. 

As we all know, Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, but with Highlights, you can save your Instagram story as long as you want. Thus, Instagram highlights transform volatile into permanent content. 

#6. Do A Live Session Weekly

In the last couple of days, the live session has become a big hit on Instagram. When you host a live video on Instagram, you will receive a request from your followers who want to join your live stream.

Moreover, each time you host a live session, you are able to see if any other people want to join. When you start a live session, you will receive a notification for each user in the comment section. To allow them, just tap the “view button.” 


In this article, we have tried to pinpoint the six effective strategies you can use to improve your Instagram followers with stories. Find new and improved ways to create authentic content and increase Instagram story views. Successful brands and marketers make the right decisions regarding the content, what to create and how to deliver it. Follow this strategy to deliver great content and attract new followers to your Instagram profile.