Oregon Lottery -Oregon (OR) Megabucks-Oregon (OR) Megabucks Lottery Results

Oregon Lottery-Oregon (OR) Megabucks-

Oregon (OR) Megabucks Results

“Play for a chance to win Big !!!!”
Says the Oregon Lottery officials and yeah reading this motto definitely gives us an opportunity why not to give it a chance, isn’t it?

Well taking chance in Oregon Lottery was never that difficult for the citizens across the globe.since Oregon Lottery officials provide all the details and formalities needed to play lottery online itself on the Oregon Lottery official website.The Tasks is carried out in front of the people to maintain Transparency and Reliability among the people.

In Oregon Lottery people from various diversity Participates so as to enhance their chances of winning and to fulfil their endeavours and aspirations in life.


The Launch of MEGABUCKS in OREGON LOTTERY can be  Quoted as an

 Era of transformation” for Oregon Lottery. since the sales of the Lotteries was uplifted by around 3% due to the launch of Megabucks.

Instructions to play Megabucks

The jackpot of the Megabucks Jackpot is announced Every Wednesday and Saturday with the cutoff time of 7.50 pm ET.

The price of the Megabucks keeps on increasing every second and is always in the range of $XX,XXX,XXX. and it’s quite interesting to see and observe the growth rate of something which evolving with faster than the speed of light.

I want you guys to have a look at the past figures of the Megabucks Jackpot.

  • April 28- $ 1 Million 
  • April 25-$1 Million.

This are the latest figures am updated with keep regularly checking on the official website and do take a chance to play Megabucks Jackpot with true soul.

“you never know when your time will be fortunate your future”  so do take a chance and play Oregon(OR) Megabucks.





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