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Brickell City Center: the Ideal Place to Stay November 10, 2014

Home buyers should take into consideration a lot of things before buying a residential property. First is that you have to know what you want in a place that you would like to live in. Would you rather live in a secluded area where you can live peacefully, start a garden in your backyard and exchange recipes with your neighbors? Or do you like to live in a condo unit situated at one of the most prestigious high rise building within Brickell city center for example? Or live in a residential property in Harbor Acres that has a private dockage for your boat. You should know what you want because buying a property is not a trial and error thing that once you find out that the place is not to your liking or something about the unit is bothering you, you just return it to the one who sold it and try another one that you think will do the trick. Home buying is a very serious thing, you have to be wise, resourceful and be knowledgeable about things that are important in a home like checking out the neighborhood, landmarks, and so on. If you love warm weather then you should not choose to live in cold places like Alaska. One of the best warm places to live is in Florida, specifically Brickell where you can have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to buying properties. The place is definitely full of condos and residential properties. What is good about it is that it does not only have warm weather but also have an array of the best beaches in the United States.

Brickell condos can provide you with a spectacular view of the Miami skyline and the bay and unobstructed view of the whole city. Landmarks are within short distance. You do not even have to use your car a lot to go to important places because almost every place is accessible from your home. Condo life will bring forth luxury into your life wrapped in a golden package. You may not be aware of it but being a condo unit owner can give you an unlimited access to the many exciting amenities that it has. Some good examples of these are: heated pools, Jacuzzi, game rooms, spa, fitness center with top-of-the-line equipments for those health conscious tenants, and reception areas that you can use during special occasions and gatherings.

Brickell is also overflowing with exciting places like theaters where you can watch great performances, galleries, museums, fine dining places, and parks. The city is full of events and activities that one looks forward to. The beach offers a lot of water activities too lie jet skiing and canoeing to name a few. You see, Brickell life is as good as it gets. The place can bring nothing but luxury and comfort to its residents and visitors alike. What more can you ask for?, visit,

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What you get from CrossFit Workouts

As far as anyone is concerned, health is a priority these days. Not only because of the health threats that are constantly popping out in every corner of the world but also because of the trend that most people, especially teens and middle-aged individuals, often seem to follow which is about being slim and sexy. This is one of the main reasons why plus-sized people never stop looking for the perfect solution to their weight problems. Some enroll in fitness centers for daily workouts and even buy expensive exercise equipments and install it in their homes for easier access and convenience as well as starve themselves out which really do not help but only aggravates their present health status. Those who are desperate and in need of a quick way to get those extra fats off them opt to undergo invasive procedures like liposuction, belly tucks, and so on. One can never know what one will do to have that perfect model body which a lot of people dream to have.

Crossfit Erie training programIf you are really that big in size, it is not going to be easy losing those pounds; you need to have discipline, determination and the right motivation paired with the perfect workout and good diet, you will be on your way to achieving your goal. But how fast can you burn out these unwanted calories? That is a question that CrossFit can answer. Lots of people have been witness to the outstanding result that one can get from CrossFit trainings. The average amount of calories burned during a regular fitness workout is being doubled. Just imagine your work cut out for you. That is the good thing about CrossFit; make you sweat out those calories in a short period of time without going far beyond your limits but just enough to push you at the edge. CrossFit workouts are basically a combination of high functional exercises done simultaneously without pausing for breaks in between.

The following are the benefits that you can have from doing CrossFit workouts: it works out your body’s major muscle in a coordinated fashion, it has shorter workouts, burns more calories compared to the usual long distance cardio exercises and strength training, and it enhances all around fitness. Furthermore, you are supervised and guided by CrossFit trainers during the entire process. They will guide you on proper diet; modify your workout for the day based on what your body needs and limitations.

Where else can you get high intense training that will make you burn out calories the shortest time possible? It is just in CrossFit. You can find CrossFit affiliates all around the country; the largest one is the CrossFit Erie. You can also visit websites and watch CrossFit games to see living proofs of what CrossFit could do to you.


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Great Fitness Opportunities

Luxury, comfort and living in style are the first things that enter one’s mind when talking about Miami. You will be surprised to know that Downtown Miami is also, where one of the greatest fitness and training centers is located. You will not only enjoy a luxurious way of living but also have the great opportunity to stay fit in CrossFit Downtown Miami. It is conveniently located a few blocks away from the business district of Miami and minutes from Brickell and Miami Beach. This is great news for those people who are obsessed with their health and love to stay fit.

Muscle farmCrossFit is different from the traditional standards that you may have for fitness centers. They do not rely on exercise machines and equipments to do the work for them. They design a workout regimen especially for you. Once you enroll in CrossFit, there are CrossFit coaches who will guide you all the way, from modifying the exercises to fit your needs and limitations as well as guide you on the proper body movements and proper diet as well. One thing with CrossFit is that you will never workout alone; you will be with a group of individuals who have the same goals as you. This is more fun than being solo because you get to motivate each other and bring out the best in others as well.

CrossFit is a combination of high functional exercises, which does not only focus on one aspect of your health but to all aspects of it. With CrossFit, you get to enhance your cardio and respiratory endurance, build your stamina and strength, and improve your agility, flexibility, endurance, and so on. Doing the set of exercises simultaneously without resting in between will really push you on the edge. It is sure to make your body cry in pain at first but once you get control over your body, you will be surprised by the results. No pain, no gain is how the saying goes. However, with determination and discipline, you will be burning those unwanted calories of your system in no time. With CrossFit, losing weight is never a long-term objective because of the fast way that you can achieve it. Everything you want to lose while working out is doubled. That is what is great about CrossFit, achieving your goals in a short period. Why else would you transfer to another fitness center when you have CrossFit?

Downtown Miami is not only for those who love luxury because now, you can improve your active lifestyle and stay perfectly fit with  Crossfit Miami Fitness and Training Center, this is where you can get all the workouts that can help you burn fats while you stay fit.

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The Captivating Brickell Condos For Sale of Jade at Brickell Bay October 27, 2014

Who does not want to live in one of the popular areas in the world, right? If you want to live in a famous place, which is somewhere in South Florida, one of the best choices is Brickell. The reasons are very obvious why it is deemed as one of the famous cities in the United States, and in the world. If you are looking forward to live in one of the gems of South Florida, check out the Brickell condos for sale in Jade at Brickell Bay.

Jade at Brickell Bay is considered by several real estate investors as a tropical haven. It is due to the fact that it is packed with magnificent services and incredible amenities. Thus, there is no doubt that Brickell condos for sale in Jade at Brickell Bay can surely satisfy every need, as well as appeasing every desire of the residents.

Brickell RealtyAnyone who wants to buy a condo unit in Jade will surely be astonished with the extraordinary Resort Deck, where the 31,200 sq. ft. bay front can be enjoyed. The bay front of Jade at Brickell Bay is truly designed to rejuvenate, refresh, relax, serve, so as inspire the residents and future tenants. This condo tycoon sits on a waterfront that is filled with so much excitement, as well as brimming with possibility.

Around Jade at Brickell Bay, the Downtown Brickell area is evolving, thriving, so as awaiting to be discovered and explored. This is a city that is indeed at the top of its game, locally and globally, but exudes a hometown feel. Among the reasons why many are yearning to purchase Brickell condos for sale in Jade at Brickell Bay is because of the fact that Brickell is an internationally renowned business district and financial center.

Living in Jade at Brickell Bay, you will also become proximal to the different popular cultural and art museums, cafes, restaurants, government offices, clubs, parks, and even to most sought-after beach spots. Brickell is truly dynamic and very people-friendly that is affixed by cross-town fast transit and cross-cultural currents.

Jade at Brickell Bay is a 48-story high condo structure that sports 326 residential units. The size of the condo units in this condo tycoon range from 1561 sw. ft. to 1873 sq. ft. All of the residences in Jade at Brickell Bay feature advanced technology. This condo complex was built on 2.5 acres, specifically at 1295 Brickell Bay Drive.

Some of the stunning building features which Brickell condos for sale buyers adore about Jade at Brickell Bay are:

  • A Resort Deck that sits on the 7th floor
  • Infinity-edge lap swimming pool that overlooks the bay
  • Creatively lit palm islands on the pool deck
  • Professional clinicians on the spa
  • Top-notch European-style spa
  • Touch-screen monitoring system
  • Wireless Wi-Fi technology
  • Excellently appointed lobby and entrance
  • Entertainment-linked touch-screen
  • Fully equipped, full service business center
  • State-of-the-art video and audio throughout



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Las Vegas Bottle Service: Familiarizing Bottle Service October 7, 2014

After Five VIPThe Beginning…

Bottle service, like the famous Las Vegas bottle service, originated in the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. Before the World War II sparks, upscale nightclubs in Japan started offering special service to their guests by enabling them to order bottles of their favorite alcoholic beverages, drink whatever they want, as well as store the remaining, which they can drink on the following visit.

In the later phase of the 1980s era, several clubs in Europe were inspired to follow this Japanese customized service. Therefore, they also started offering a standard form of bottle service to their loyal customers. The concept of bottle service is to ensure that the VIP necessities were catered, especially when the club is indeed busy. During the 1990s era, some American clubs started to catch up by embracing his concept.

If you are thinking that the Las Vegas bottle service was the first in the US, since it is the Entertainment Capital of the World, sorry to disappoint you, but it is not. The first bottle service bars popped up in the Big Apple, New York City. From NY, bottle services begun to extend to the other major cities in the United States.

How it works…

Every club has specific rules regarding the VIP bottle service. However, the standard idea of this service is universal among all clubs that offer it. When you want a bottle service, like Las Vegas bottle service, you will receive a menu of bottles of a variety of alcoholic beverages, from which you will choose from. Usually, the alcoholic drinks that are on the menus are found on the top shelf. But there are some night clubs that offer mid-range brands.

Majority of the clubs render a basic assortment of mixers, like tonic water, seltzer, cranberry juice, as well as orange juice. If you and your peers have a certain mixer in mind, you are free to request that. For instance, you can request to have cola, which will be added onto your rum. There will be a variety of garnishes, such as limes, lemons, and cherries, to name a few.

The server, or the bottle girl or bottle boy will be the one to pour the drinks for you and your friends, using chosen mixers and alcoholic beverages. You and your group may continue to request for drinks to be prepared until your chosen bottle is already empty, but you have to buy another bottle or more (if you’re still okay LOL).

The Perks of Bottle Service…

This incredible service gives distinct perks, which includes:

Guaranteed access to the bar. Through a bottle service, you and your peers do not have to worry about being stopped behind the ropes, since your names are on the bottle service guest list.

Having a dedicated table. You and your friends do not have to stand in a large crowd or have difficulty in finding a perfect spot on the club, since you will have a reserved table. The table is exclusively for you and your group for the entire night, but you can regroup if you want to.

Priority Service. With a Las Vegas bottle service, you do not have to wait for a long time with an empty glass, and fight with other clubbers to capture the attention of the bartender, since there will be a dedicated, professional server.

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Sunny Isles Real Estate: The Dazzling 400 Sunny Isles

400 Sunny Isles is a new construction condo project on the beautiful Intracoastal Waterway in Sunny Isles, Miami Beach. The official groundbreaking of this Sunny Isles real estate happened on August of the year 2013. It features luxury bay front condo residences, penthouses, so as lofts. All of these 400 Sunny Isles residences feature stunning ocean and bay views.

More information about real estate market

This magnificent Sunny Isles real estate is composed of 2 identical 20-story residential towers that are spanning over 640 feet of bay front. Overall, 400 Sunny Isles has 230 of 2 to 4 bedroom residences. It is indeed a privilege to live in this condo complex, knowing that it sits on the bay and Intracoastal Waterway in the world-famous oceanfront Sunny Isles Beach community.

When it comes to the size, the units in 400 Sunny Isles range from 1206 sq. ft. to 3395 sq. ft. In terms of price, it starts at $600,000 to as high as $2.5 million, though there is a possibility that the prices may change without notice. One of the main features of 400 Sunny Isles is its pool deck. After all, this part is among the very first things that investors check.

The pool deck will sport an Olympic style swimming pool, as well as T-shaped, cascading infinity-edge pool. There will be also a submerged aqua bed, as well as hip cabanas, which are indeed perfect for chic sunbathing. Don’t forget about its submerged wet bar that is equipped with swim-up service. Isn’t that fantastic!

This Sunny Isles real estate will also showcase a heated whirlpool spa that is nestled within the pool’s cooler waters. Many real estate investors are also astonished with 400 Sunny Isles’ private bay front beach. There, you will find “The Sandbox”, so as a beach club and yacht bistro. The bay front is accented by sand floors, cozy cabanas, and sunset pool.

400 Sunny Isles has been designed by world-acclaimed architect, Chad Oppenheim, and its working drawings are made by another well-acclaimed architect, Architect Record Kobi Karp. The open-air arrival courtyard of 400 Sunny Isles has been designed by well-respected design company, Urbanica Group. The courtyard boasts greenery, exotic woods, as well as serene water features.

400 Sunny Isles is proximal to some of the hottest retail spots like the Aventura Mall, The Promenade Shops, Bal Harbour shops, and Loehmann’s Plaza. In terms of beaches and parks, aside from the Oleta State Park, it is also close to the Sunny Isles Pier, Sea Turtle Sanctuary, Golden Beach, Haulover Golf Course, Haulover Beach Marina, Founder’s Park, Spanish Monastery & Tennis Courts, and Turnberry Golf Course.

Worrying about where to buy your essentials? No need to, since 400 Sunny Isles is proximal to Publix Supermarket, Fresh Market, Target, Walgreens, Starbucks, Hertz Rent A Car, and Bank of America. It is indeed ideal to form a family in this Sunny Isles real estate because it is close to various excellent schools like FIU North Campus, Sunny Isles Beach Community School K-8, Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High Biscayne Bay Campus, Philosophical and Spiritual University, and Aventura City.


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How to Save Time and Money for Southern Highlands Realty

When it comes to real estate transactions for residential, the most common problem of sellers is to how to choose the best realtor. Most of the time sellers ask for references, talk to friends, interview prospects, and get referrals. While on the other hand, buyers only rely on the ad and answer it as if everything they need to know is all in there.


crighton team southern highlands


What you need to know about Real Estate for sale that Ads do not actually tell you

Most of the advertisements you see about real estate for sale is that they contain a brief summary of the major amenities of the property, few set of nice photos, and a stated asking price. Of course, these things you see in their advertisement are definitely important and catch the attention of the buyers which makes them eager to see the listing. The ads made for real estate homes for sale contains a lot of very important things but not everything is included like the ad does not actually speak about the Realtor which you will be working with in case you want to buy a property from them. The ad crosses out the following information about the Realtor:

  • Market experience
  • Ethics practices
  • Education and training
  • Area knowledge
  • Professional focus

If you are a buyer and all you do is just answer an ad without going through the most important things before making a transaction, there is a greater chance that you will not get the best real estate property that you deserve at an affordable price. What makes this even more complicated is if the buyer is relocating to the Southern Highlands from another part of the country.

Get Smooth and Successful Transactions with Two Agents

If you want to have a smooth and successful transaction whenever you are considering buying Southern Highland realty is that you have to involve at least two agents who will represent you and the seller. If you are going to do it this way, you and the seller will have a professional to represent each other’s interests.

Having an agent to represent you will help you understand every detail of the transaction you are dealing with. This way, you will be spending your hard earned money the right way.

What to Look for in a Realtor

You will definitely want a realtor who will:

  • Assist their clients in seeking all of the listings available that will the criteria of a buyer
  • Understand the process of the transaction on both sides
  • Does not involve herself or himself in high pressure strategies over giving a very useful and real information.
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Real Estate 2014: What Experts Think about the 2014 Housing Market

Indeed, in 2013, the real estate market of the United States made an explicit comeback, exceeding the expectations of several economists, as the blend of historically low interest rates and low inventories triggered the home costs to increase, as well as sparked bidding competitions in some markets. While there are positive trends, like soaring of home values, it is anticipated that such trends will continue this 2014. The mortgage rates are also anticipated to increase in 2014, which could impede the abilities of the home buyers to purchase new homes.
Now you will know about what the real estate experts and economists think about the housing market for 2014.
The inventory is expected to gradually stabilize so as go back to the conventional seasonal levels.
The start of 2013 is defined as the “year of low inventory,” since the home buyer demand increased, while the home owners waited for prices to soar and proofs of sturdy economic recovery prior to placing their home properties on the market. That year started with a tremendous shortage of inventory, based on the report of


However, as early as February, the shortage level begun to decrease gradually. The inventory last 2013 is similarly low as with 2012. The difference is that the homes in 2012 are selling much quicker than in 2013.
There is a possibility that the homeowners will go back to positive equity
Increasing costs aided 2.5 million home owners, who were formerly underwater, redeem positive equity status, specifically during the 2nd quarter of the year 2013. But there are about 7.1 million home properties that still belonged to negative equity during that time. It was estimated that 10 million home owners or approximately 21.1% of all the home owners that have mortgage remain under the equity, with lower than 20% in home equity. Good news since the prices are anticipated to constantly rise in 2014, which could uplift more home owners and be brought to a positive territory.
The mortgage rates will rise
In 2013, the mortgage rates soared about 100 basis points, and there are chances that it will continue to rise this 2014. Janet Yellen, the new chairman of the Federal Reserve, is anticipated to continue the regulations of the former chairman, Ben Bernanke, which include the maintaining of the low mortgage rates through purchasing mortgage-backed securities blocks. However, the Federal has taken into consideration tapering its bond-purchasing activity as the economy augments, which could result to a bit leverage in the interest rates.
Further decrease in home affordability is anticipated
National Association of Realtor’s Home Affordability Index, or the one that compares the costs of homes with income, has reached a 5-year low in 2013, as the cost increases surpassed income growth. If the economy of the United States starts to grow at a quicker pace, and the incomes start to increase, though, expect that the affordability index will further slide from the soaring mortgage rates.

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